10 Steps Of Using Your Imagination

Have you ever found yourself into a situation that you had no idea what to do?  We all have. Then you call in your mind and imagination.

Imagination can be you used in many different situations. Your business has high costs you use your imagination to lower the costs. You have a new project awaiting on your table, your imagination opens your creativity.

Imagination is more imortant than knowledge, says Albert Einstein, knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.

Use your imagination to solve a problem.

1. Develop a frame work, eleminate failure.

Think about solving a problem or a situation in an ideal world. There is no failure. How can that help?  You use all the resources you have to find a solution. The exercise will open you  to many  different options. In all these options then you pick the one that will suit the situation most.

2. Challenge your ideas and expectations.

We usually have assumptions about a problem that occur in our lives. Use your imagination and challenge your expectations. How true are they?

So lets just assume you are about to start up a business but the numbers are not adding up. The costs are to high, that’s stop you from taking the first step. Ok. Challenge your assumptions. What if you take a new approach from a different angle. Do new calculations make a difference?

3. Contemplate.

When you faced with a problem thats needs your imagination to find a solution don’t just go for the first one that comes in your mind. Spent some time alone away from distractions. Contemplate about it. Observe your thoughts. Unlock your creativity. Compare options available.

4. Criticism don’t help your imagination.

When you most need to be creative with imagination take all your ideas in consideration. Don’t be critic, be thoughtful. Take your time with every single idea.

5. Brainstorm and share your ideas.

Get together with co-workers or friends and brainstorm your ideas. Brainstorming opens your imagination to different options and ideas.

6. Observe and pay attention to surroundings.

Paying attention to the moment, observing the surroundings can spark your imagination. When you notice more, can be more mindful and more creative.

7. Endeavour new things.

If you always keep doing same things and expecting different results that’s not the way to go. Also attemting the same route many time wont flourish your imagination. So try different prespectives. Move yourself around. Think. Maybe you need a new approach to help imagination running.

Also live a new experience.  Compare scenarios. See if your brain make any connections.

8. Concentrate on your goals, forget prefectionism.

Whatever you dealing with just focus on the process. You might find it hard to get it started. Don’t think how to make the perfect project, don’t fear errors. Lay it out on your table and explore divergent routes. You will come up with many ideas. Whatever is the outcome or wherever you end up you learn a lot more than you know when you started.

9. Take your time.

Don’t set deadlines to finish you project. Don’t force yourself into finding a solution in certain limited time. It wont happen. Imagination can’t be forced.

10. Lose yourself in relaxation.

Find some nice place to sit. Fully relax your body and mind. Let yourself loose in your imagination. Imagine you’re in a vacation somewhere at such a beautiful place. Let your imagination lead you.

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