6 Ways To Beat Your Fears That Holding You Back

Fear is  a distressing emotion that we have when we think some danger situation is about to happen. People have different fears. It can appear in different forms. Fear from water, fear from flight, fear to start a new job, fear that your relationship is ending, etc, etc.

Fear is a normal emotion, but also can be so powerful at times. It makes us forget about everything else when it become so intense.

Fear is an ilusion that appears in our minds then manifests in our actions. Many times we bring fear in our lives when there is not such a thing at all. You might experience these fears when you start up a business. Failure keep staring at you and fear can stop you in the track. Or if your relationship is going through tough times is likely you have the fear of a break up.

How to beat your fears?

1. Face intense fears.

It’s quite normal to experience fear. But notice when you get an intense anxiety or panic atacs because of fear. If it gets overwhelmed fear starts taking over your life.

How to know fear is becoming a problem?

  • You start avoiding certain places or situations.
  • You feel your fears are intense and irrational.
  • It keeps going on for months and months.

2. Know the symptoms.

Fear can occur as s feeling from the past. For example if your parents divorced when you were very young you might experience fear of a break up in your relationship. Or if you didn’t like snakes when you where a child you might grow the fear of snakes in form a phobia.


  • sweating and dizzy feeling.
  • Anxiety and panic.
  • Dificulty of breathing and fast heartbeat.
  • Feeling alone and powerless.
  • A need to escape the place or the situation.

3. Reflect in the triggers of your fears.

What is causing your fears.

It can come from an scary event from your past. If you had a big accident while you driving years ago you might try to avoid driving because of fear. Or if someone was aggressive to you in the early life you’ll do everything not to bump in this person anymore. In this two cases fear is a natural reponse to these past events.

Find your triggers and indentifiy is there any truth in your fears.

4. Be specific and name your fears.

Sometimes fears appear to be very clear in our mind. For example if you walk in very edge of a big bridge you feel the fear of death as you look down the distance, so imediately step back. (Take action to be safe).

At times is easy to name you fear. Acknowledge it, name it. When is hard to name a fear, still don’t ignore it. Give it time, until it shows clear in your mind.

5. Think what you need to change.

You want to live a fear-free life. Now you understand your fears think what do you need to change to free your mind from these fears. If you fear snakes just imagine having a snake in your living room and still feeling relaxed sitting there. Adapt to situations that only occur dangerous in your mind but in fact they are only false beliefs. Most dogs are friendly so is no need to fear from dogs. Just face the negative thoughts with power of truth.

6.  Return yourself in present moment.

When you fear the future, when you keep asking yourself what if that happened next month or next year stop and bring yourself in the present moment. Abandon the past and don’t fear the future. Beat your fears and enjoy life.

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