Dealing With Hopelessness

He sat down in front of me with his cup of coffee. Not talking, not making eye contact with me. I think you need to see your doctor I said. I could tell he was so depressed. Yes he answered, any other advice. Nope.

When you feeling sad, hopeless, worthless I think is your darkest hour,  or day,  or week, or….

In these dark moments you can’t even look up for a light. Hope seems to disappear.

I thought I do some research on internet. It came up with a weird post. The author suggested if you feeling hopeless then give up. Give up hope….This was the first time in my life to hear the advice,  give up on hope.

There is a saying: hope dies after you, always. It means no matter how hopeless you feel there is still hope, you only can’t see it because of the tough time….

1. Time changes, time heals.

It’s tougher when it last longer than we think. But whatever your situation is, it will pass. Time passes. Time changes. Time heals everything. If you going through a break up after certain time you learn to live without this person. It feels ok then. The pain goes away.

2. Count on people you love.

Don’t shut yourself down from the people you love. You need to be open and courageous and talk to this people,  be your family members or a close friend. Remember we all need help and support sometimes. You’ll be there for them too, when time comes.

3. Don’t let opportunities slip away.

These days opportunities are all around us. You just got to let yourself in open and grab this opportunity when it appears.

4. Situation is not as bad.

Tough times make us feel down, we can’t concentrate and think clear. In  our mind things and situations look worse than they really are. Keep in mind every situation is temporary. It will change.

5. Do something useful with time.

In these days we just can’t see a point doing anything at all. Push yourself hard and have a shower, a shave, a walk. Get some fresh air. Feel the rain drops. If you not working try and go back to college. Learn some new skills. They will come in handy later.

6. Simplify life.

If you have a hectic life ditch the tasks that don’t add any value in your life. If you have high expectations for yourself and it’s downing on you then lower the bar at least for now. Get rid of stuff you don’t use in the house. Free your mind by learning to let go of the past. Make your life simple.

7. Tomorrow is another day.

Yes tomorrow is a new day, it’s another chance to start over again and try to make it happen. If we don’t try we’ll never know. Don’t fear from failure.

8. Better days are ahead.

Remember the law of attraction. In that negative situation try and find something positive. If we think positive we attract positive. Also after that tunnel is always the light. So find your smile. Better days lay ahead of you. Keep hoping. Keep believing. Keep going.

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8 responses to “Dealing With Hopelessness

  1. Very hopeful post, nicely done. “Don’t shut yourself down from the people you love. You need to be open and courageous and talk to this people”…even one person can make all the difference.

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  2. You always have such wise words, l am so proud of you and l hope you know that you make a real difference. Your words give me hope and comfort. Take care and l will let you know how my pre operation appointment goes for my knee tomorrow.


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