8 Steps To Stop Over Thinking

If you sitting alone somewhere in a coffee shop or pub or anywhere you will find yourself thinking about something. It’s amazing how humans always find something to think about. Then think a bit more, then a bit more then overthink about it. You get stuck in that thing, stuck in your mind.


Years ago I was sitting on some steps and thinking. It was a nice sunny day. I remember that. A friend of mine come out and asked me what was wrong. Nothing I answered. But your face expression is telling me there is something wrong, the guy insisted. No,  I said just thinking….

In fact I wasn’t just thinking. I was over thinking.

How do you consider overthinking? Many people think overthinking can lead to a better decision making. Think, think a bit longer and find a way out. But studies show overthinking only makes a problem worse. And it goes further: overthinking robs  your happiness and joy.

Here is how. It could be a little thing. You keep thinking and overthinking about it until you make that little thing big and scarier. It might even be a positive thing by overthinking it,  the positive disappears. As you can see overthinking turn the happy to unhappy, a smily face to an angry face.

Overthinking destroys the moment, and life is in that very moment…

Down you’ll find some steps to help you stop overthinking.

1. Think of a bigger a picture.

If you find youself overthinking about minor stuff in life, stop and ask yourself a question: how important will this be next year or even next month. The answer would might be: not important at all. Forget about it and enjoy the moment.

2. Don’t think to long about a simple decision.

You know we make many decisions in a day. Take it easy. Simple decisions only need seconds to make it right. Don’t need overthinking at all. Give it ten or twenty seconds.

3. Take action, stop procrastination.

Life is about taking action and making it happen. Whatever is your routine don’t sit for hours and overthing about stuff. It wont become easier by overthinking. Take action. Most important things first, what’s left after.

4. You can’t control everything. No one can.

We look up to people who inspire us. They are our heroes. We try to think over and over so we can be as great as them. But we make mistakes. We fail. We feel sad. We keep overthinking.

What we forget is the people who inspire us they are just like all humans. They have failed too. Of course they made many mistakes. That is why they are here today.

Stop overthinking about prefectionism. Humans can never perform perfectionism. Far, far from it. Success is achieved only through mistakes and hard work.

5. Big decisions don’t need overthinking just your clear mind.

Yes there are important things in life that you got to think these through. But they either don’t need overthinking, just a clear mind. So if you get back from work and you feel tired and sleepy but you still need to make a decision, just leave it for next day. After you have a good night sleep and rest you have a clear head and you can make a better decision.

6. Know that overthinking create fears and fears create horror stories. Stop.

It’s real and true. If you keep overthinking a problem you create so many fears and fears make the most horror stories. Stop. Think simple, what is the worst that can really happen? Honestly? Nothing like your imagination is it.

7. Distract yourself. Get back in the present.

No one would like to be an overthinker. Still we find ourselves there lost on thinking and overthinking. It’s easy. Distract yourself. Hey stop, now I am here. I am enjoying this drink. I am here in the present enjoying the moment. So just focus 100% in it. Feel it, smell it, sense it, live it. You  reconnect with reality. Love life, and live in the present.

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12 responses to “8 Steps To Stop Over Thinking

  1. This is a great post. I have knee operation at the end of March and over thinking it made me feel scared. But now l am just doing my research and making sure l am prepared. Take care Cally.

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  2. I’m constantly over-thinking. It’s amazing how quickly I can take choice A and B and immediately think if I go the A route, then A1, A2, or A3…and almost as quickly think if A1 then A1a, A1b, A1c or A2a, A2b, or A2c. It’s exhausting and ironically leads to more indecision.

    “You cant control everything. No-one can.” – well said.


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