8 Steps To Start Believing In Yourself

Couple of years ago I remember having a conversation with my friend about work. I told him there is this vacancy which would suit him. He nodded. I knew he didn’t work much so I was just trying to encourage him as I know he needed a job. Not long after I asked him if he did apply. No, he said, even if I did I would never get that job. Why is that, I asked him. He didn’t believe in himself at all.

It happens to all of us at sometime in life. You lose the confidence in yourself. Self believe is about self confidence, self assurance and self worth. If you keep getting knock down time after time then I understand how all come to this. But other times people just grow to many negative thoughts about themselves and end up feeling worthless.

Here are some steps to restore your self believe.

1. Time to volunteer.

If you finding it hard to build that self value and self confidence there is a easy way to get started that process. It’s time to volunteer. This is where it begins. There is nothing better in the world than helping others out. Making ones day brighter. Getting to know people. Creating relationships. Experiencing new things. Other benefits are you gain experience. You start feeling useful, needed and wanted. You feel important. This is the first step to begin buliding self worth, self confidence and self trust.

2. Recognize what you accomplished.

Now you make a list of what you have achieved in life. List all your achievements and add to it whatever you do. It gives you the power to change your thoughts. It’s real. You can see it. You can be great.

3. Talk to your family and close friends.

Feeling you need some support? Then there is people in your life that you can talk to. Might be someone from your family or a best friend. There are people we love that be willing to listen and help. Avoid talking to critical people or these toxic people who put you down.

4. Fully accept yourself.

Self acceptance is crucial to build that self confidence and believe in yourself. It’s this simple if you reject yourself how you going to believe in yourself. You know who you are and you fully accept yourself.

5. Focus on positives and be greatful.

No-ones lives is perfect. Different people have diffrent issues. Instead of focusing on what you failed or in what you cant do focus on what you  have in life and what you do well. Be greatful, and wear a genuine smile.

6. Take a course, learn some new skills.

If you feel you need to learn some new skills, go on. It could be a great idea. Take a course. Learning something new is not as hard as it sound. You then can change the career in life. Start a new path. It’s never to late.

7. Set realistic goals.

A new start is challenging. Set realistic goals, and take action. Small steps at first. Be perssistent. Dont give up on second day. Success don’t come easy, we all know that. Keep working hard. Keep learning. Keep moving forward.

8. Connect with people, but don’t compare yourself with others.

It’s critical that we connect with others. We learn and share thoughts and ideas. We help one another.

But we also have our own individuality. You have your own appearance, skills and tools. You don’t need to compare yourself with others, as we are all different.

When you start believing in yourself the impossible becomes achievable. The future becomes brighter.

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