Together Apart, A Long Distance Relationship

You might are in quite happy relationship. But one of you drop the bombshell: I need to go away, I am sorry. It can be for studies, work, travel etc.

Can your relationship survive the long distance? It all depends on you two. How deep is your love?…(You heard the song).

A long distance relationship  it’s hard especially if you are so close with each other and use to spend a lot of time together. That is all about to change…

1. Have a long decisive conversation with yourself.

It’s going to be hard, I know that from my personal experience. Even when you think she/he is just the one. They going to be away from you. I mean physically. In other hand life goes on and you both going to interact (maybe daily) with other people. Keep that in mind and ask yourself: how sure are you?

2. Talk to each other.

If you both decide that you want to be with each other and are commited to that do have an open conversation before departing.


  • How long it’s going to be for? Be truthful and can you cope with the void? What are the hopes for this relationship? Is there any fears?
  • How often will you communicate when you apart?
  • How often will visit one another? Can you realistically afford to visit your partner in person?

3. Keep your partner updated.

This is very important to maintain a long distance relationship. Talk about your daily routine, activities you performing and people you met  and interact on daily basis. This is to make sure you get involved with each others world and to feel secure in your relationship. If you making friends with opposite sex consider your partners feelings. When your partner might live in another part of the world that fact can make any confident person feel insecure.

4. Communicate daily.

At this moment in time communication never been easier. There are many apps to use like whats up, skype, viber etc. As long as you both have internet connection you can send messages, photos, chat face to face. You might be away physically but you pretty much can be in each others  life daily.

Say good morning, each day. A smily face, love hearts all the way. Make it as real as you can. And say good night at the end of the day. Oh and  I love you. Don’t ever think you saying it too often. It’s not often enough.

But avoid excessive talking. I mean you miss one another that’s obvious, but talking for ten hours only makes things worse. You don’t want to be obsessed.

5. Remember you both have needs.

Being apart brings out sooner the physical needs you both have. Might you consider often when in bed the dirty talk. It’s one effective way to still please each other even from miles away. Just to listen to that low sexy voice, moaning, telling what you want from her/him. It will do for now, and the love will break the miles of distance and become stronger.

6. Don’t hide any news from one another.

Being honest I am afraid is a top quality to keep going in a long distance relationship. Dont hide any thing from your partner. Be open and communicative. If you have any insecurity talk about it. Assure one another every so often.

7. Trust your partner.

If you believe in your love, trust your partner. You are so long away apart but your hearts are together,  when you truly and deeply love each other. Giving your partner that trust is crucial. You say, feel free if you want to go. But I don’t want to go I just want to love you, it’s magic to hear this answer

8. This is not Forever.

It would be great to visit each other at some point when you been apart for so long. It’s like recharging your love life.

Have a plan in place for your relationship. This can’t go on forever. You both know that. But having a plan to what you want to do when you get together is also exciting and give you both hopes for the future days.

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