3 Ways To Find Your Life Purpose

Many people feel, that finding the purpose in life is not easy at all. But is it really? Truth is we find the purpose only when we know who we really are. It becomes clear then what we want to do with our lives.

I want to put here some ways that can help you find the meaning in your life. Sometimes we all feel lost. We work hard and get on with everyday life. Then it comes a moment you ask yourself: why am I doing this?  Money, the answer follows.  Am I really happy though?? The question turns in a deep thought…. You want to do what you love to do…. What makes you happy….

1. Take a step back, think, then take action.

Are you in to a dead end job that you hate? Have you been feeling something really is missing in your life…Hold on, I know what you mean…That is surely not a meaningful life you want to live..

It’s never late to find your purpose in life. Take a step back and think. Whatever you been doing in the past is there anything that you felt great doing it? Lets just say money is not an issue. What would you do with your life then? That what you should do…Use your passion to find the path of your life.. Follow through.

If you been doing different things but so far there is nothing that capture your imagination and passion then take action. Keep trying new things. You like an adventure. Grab the chance and throw yourself out there.. Find out what you love doing with your life. It only happens when you truly know who you are.

2. Your mind should be at peace with your heart.

Many times our mind want to lead us in the right direction. But there is your heart arguing about it.. What should we do? Listen to our mind or just do what our heart tell us..

Follow your heart, but make peace with your mind.

What make you happy brings out the passion in you. If you follow your heart you feel more joyful and inspired. It’s what you love, you take steps to do what you love to do. You find a deep connection with  your happy self. That is your life purpose. You find the path in life, that what put a huge smile in your face, that what makes you happy. I hope your mind is at peace with your heart, so you can fully enjoy it.

3. If One thing doesn’t make you complete, do more than one thing…..

Most the time we look into our lives to find that ONE thing we love to do and we feel we still not quite happy. There is something still missing in our lives. Then don’t stop there… Try other things…

When I was working as maths teacher I did it with passion. I wanted to teach, I never left the class if I knew one pupil did not understand the lesson…I loved it but it didn’t complete me. I wanted to do more..

You know you might not going to be Adele, or Justin Bieber or some other famous celebrities. That doesn’t matter. Try to do what you can reach and what truly makes you happy. Inspiring goals that serve the life meaning for you…That is living a purposeful life. I can see your genuine big smile now…

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9 responses to “3 Ways To Find Your Life Purpose

  1. I love number 3. Right before reading I was thinking I love writing and reading and helping others and leading and …how could I pick one. Well maybe the answer is I don’t have to pick just one. Thanks !

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  2. Great points. It’s very hard to back up and view yourself and your hopes/dreams from a different perspective. Even being able to question yourself and your motives/drives is a hard enough thing. But if you can, it becomes a wonderful epiphany.

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