5 Ways To Tell Who Is A True Friend

I just want to stress the importance of a true friend. From childhood to high school, from the day one to always… They  seem to be there for you when you most need them. Of course you do exactly the same for them. It’s what we call a true friendship.

I have had good times in life and bad times too. In good times you have more friends. ( anyone is your friend when you party). In bad times you wont have many friends. But tough times only bring together the real friends the people who truly care about you.

How can we tell who is a real friend and who is a false one?

It can be hard sometimes to spot a fake friend from a real one. Especially when some people are good at acting and they can act as your good friend, and you don’t want to be unfair with your friends.

Usually life and time will select the true friends and will get rid of fake ones.

There is a saying: don’t rely on people around you, rely only in yourself. It’s true to some respect. Then again there are people who we love, trust, and rely on when we need someone. Someone to talk, someone to laugh, someone to cry.

1. Actions will tell you who is true friend and who is a fake one.

Words are cheap. You can say anything but to prove it is a different story. That what divides a real friend from a false one. They both promise. A true friend wont promise a lot, but when it come to actions they will deliver more than what they promised. He/she will be there for you to make sure you are ok. While a fake friend promise too much but will do propabily nothing at all. They wont show up, they will let you down on first challenge.

2. A true friend make time for you as you make time for them.

Yes, I know you are busy, so am I, so is everybody. A real friend still streches his busy schedule and make time for you. Not because they have to, but because they want to. A friend loves you and adores you. A friend care about you. They will find the time to meet up and spend quality moments with you, as it matters to them as much as it matters to you. Relationships are important to us. They take energy, effort and time to sustain. Words are worthless without action. Only TIME proves a true friendship.

When a false friend only meets with you if there is something they want from you. Otherwise will be excuses, excuses, excuses.

3. A real friend stick with you, a fake one will drop you soonest.

When you happy and you having good time friends all around you waiting for the next drink to celebrate. But when tough time cicks in they are nowhere to be seen…. It reminds me of that saying: laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you be crying alone. I think this is only to prove who are the true friends. It’s the tough times that make the selection of the real friends from false friends. A true friend will be there for you in the darkest moment of your life. They hold you tight, they hug you, they cry with you, they truly love you….and you love them back no matter what.

4. True friends love you for who you are.

They know you, more than you know yourself, they know you inside out. That is why a true friend loves you. They accept you in their lives. When you make a mistake, when you fail, when your partner dumps you a true friend is there not to criticize you for your weakness, but to wipe your tears, to make you a cup of tea, to give you unconditional love. A real friend can see beyond your fears, doubts, and traumas. They are there to remind you who you truly are and of your strengths, and powers.

5. A best friend brings out the best in you.

Life without friends would be a desert island. When you happy and you share it with your friend your happiness multiplies.  When you sad and your share it with your friend, your sadness divides, and you feel less sad.

A good friend always makes you live to your full potential. They teach you to see the beauty in the ugly and the positive in a negative situation. They bring out the best in you.

In life when you meet a real friend consider yourself lucky. So will they. Now I want to tell you that if you had quite few friends 10 years ago now might you are left with one. Okay, this is how time selects the real friends from fake ones. You understand friendship is about quality not quantity.

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9 responses to “5 Ways To Tell Who Is A True Friend

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  2. True friends are hard to come by…it sounds weird, but it’s true. And being able to tell the difference between an acquaintance and a friend, and a true friend can be very hard to differentiate. #1 and #2 are spot on. Nice post.


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