Your Dreams In Other People’s Mind

My dreams are still there, alive. In the moment that you think this is the time I been waiting for, you are ready to take action and you tell you close family and friends. You expect support don’t you? You know what happens? They will do everything they can to stop you from this crazy venture. It’s not they have evil intentions. They only want to protect us.

But protect us from what or who?

From failure.

They can’t understand what your dreams mean to you? They never can see what you can see in your dreams. Your dreams are the meaning of life. And you soooo much want these people to say: wow, that is wonderful to hear. Go on…This is your time…..

It makes me think why are we so bothered what other people say about us. Why we always want others permission to go ahead with our goals. We forget our time is limited. It doesn’t matter what our friends think about it. This is your life and if  you think the reward is worth the risk go on. Take that step. Chase your dreams…..

If you depend on other people’s advice here are some tips (lies) they will give you.

1. Right now is not right time.

Are you out of mind. Can you not see what is going on? Can you not see all the crisis? Can you not see how dangerous is to travel now. Especially in your own?…. Right now is not the right time. Maybe some day…This would be their advice that would put your dreams on hold.

Don’t ask them. Tell them what you chosen to do. Your dreams are only your dreams.

2. What if things don’t work out?

Another point of caring advice. What will you do if things don’t work out. You’re screwed then. Who is going to pay your rent? What if they don’t give your job back…. Don’t give up your job…..

Ask yourself what if you took that step and things did work out.. What will you miss then… Your dreams.

3. Stay safe..

They want you to carry on with your daily job. They say that is safe for now.

Yes that is true. Work pays bills, put food on table.. Safe thought is not what you dream for. You need to risk the “safe”, in order to achive your dreams.

4. Don’t chase the impossible.

You can see they are trying to stop you. They think what you are about to chase is the impossible…

It’s only impossible if you never try, if you rely on other people’s advice. If that is what you really want then don’t let anyone stop you…

5. You’ll fail. What then?…

It’s really amazing what people you love will do to make you not to take action in your dreams.

You can’t make it. Not alone. Don’t believe in that. Only few have made it. You not going to be the one of them. You going to fail. What then???…

They will say exactly what you don’t want to hear.

Yes, you might fail. That can happen. You know big names, people who these day have achieved extraordinary things, they failed too. Some of them many times. But they didn’t give up.. They didn’t listen to other people either….

6. You don’t have the resources.

Still that might be true. But this is not about an easy choice. This is about your dreams. You know that is going to be a lot of hard work. Then through hard work you going to create the resources.

7. Work and save money first….

Where you think you going? You know you need a lot of money. So, work and save for now then some day you might can follow your dream…,

Listen to that advice and that day never will arrive. ..Listen to yourself and that day is here, is now… Your dream is in your mind and your  heart. You know how to go about it. If not, figure it out fast, and take the action you need to..If you wait to make the millions first then follow your dream then you will see your dreams fade away in the open skies and you never get the chance to pursue them, let alone achieve these dreams.


10 responses to “Your Dreams In Other People’s Mind

  1. Don’t ever give up, Seb! Keep following those dreams! Besides, you’ll find it never ends. Once one dream is fulfilled, there will always be another lined up behind it waiting for your loving intentions. 🙂

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