10 Tips How To Be A Better Sales Person

A better sales person is always on the look out how to improve his abilities of sales, how to develop his career and advance his skills. They take every chance of progress, they are always on the move. They are not affected by rejection, they don’t slow down when they hear: not interested, thank you.

1. Build trust with customers.

It’s about knowing your customer, putting them first and building that trust. You not going to make any sales if customer don’t trust you. This is creating a balance of being honest, assertive, firm and the desires to sell.

2. Get involved with your customer.

Knowing what your customer needs, desires, and wants, it’s important. Let your customer lead the interactions of sales. So if they ask for particular item show curiousity why they are interested in that item. What they like about it?

3. Be honest and and expert for your product/service.

First of all if you representing a product or a service you will pour your heart in to it. You’ll know everything about it. You’ll love this product or service yourself. You believe in it.

Be honest about the product. You are not going to sell much if you lie about it. Be an expert to explain every detail and all the benefits of this product or service. Be able to explain why exactly you recommend this product and what makes it better than others.

4. Go that extra mile.

When you make a sale keep notes, of names and addresses  of your customers. Follow up and make sure they are happy with purchase.

5. Be charismatic.

Dress well, have the manners, look good and use your talking skills to be Charismatic. Customers don’t see you just as a sales man, but someone who they can have a meaningful conversation too. This quality create the deep connection between you and your prospects.

6. Be a critical thinker.

As a great sales person you don’t just rely on the scrip of a product. You adapt or alter your sales pitches depending on place, time and customer. You have the ability to think outside the box. You self directed, self motivated, and self monitored.

7. Be organized, and discipilned.

As sales person you need to be well organized and self disciplined. You have the discipline  of work ethic that makes you better than others, going always the extra mile to make the sale.

8. Forget about bad sales and focus on future goals.

Things not always will  be good. Some times the sales fall. A great sales person put that behind after learning why that might have happened. Don’t be distracted by yesterday’s failure, focus on todays goals, new opportunities, new approaches so you get high sales.

9.  Use your passion and be competitive.

If you are a passionate individual and you love what you doing it’s very likely that you can be a better sales person. Set your targets high and strive to be the best. At the end of the day even if you don’t reach the target you still will achive great results.

10. Use your confidence and be firm.

You know what you have to do to make the sale. You’re confident in a product so be firm and it’s ok to push a bit the customer towards the sale. If the sale happens,  good but if it dont, you know that is a customers decision to buy or not to buy so respect that and blame no one.

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