8 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Being Sarcastic

Sarcasm can be spotted esay usually because the person will say something which is the opposite of what they mean. Also the tone of voice suddenly changes too.

Sarcasm is use of irony to mock or make fun of a situation. People when being sarcastic will say the contrary to what the really think or feel. If they meant to say  something negative being sarcastic they will say something positive.

So if you failed your exam one being sarcastic will say “Oh congratulations for your top grade. I always believed in you.”

It’s not always that easy to tell when someone is being sarcastic. Especially when people seem really genuine.

Here are some tips how to spot  someone is being sarcastic.

1. Focus on the positive or negative remarks.

Typically is easy to tell when someone is being sarcastic. If an negative responce is expected they will say something over the top positive.

“They are the best shoes I ever seen”. What they mean in fact is, “I really don’t like them shoes”.

Or if you pass your driving test in the first attemt someone being sarcastic will say: “Oh well don’t worry  about blowing this chance you might need another fifty lessons”.

2. Intense verbs and adverbs will be used.

When people are sarcastic the intense verbs, adjectives and adverbs will be used. If you bought a new car and your friend dont like it he might say: “I really love this car”. “This is most beautiful car ever”.

3. Body language signs.

It’s easy to identify sarcasm sometimes only by face expressions. Even if what they saying seems genuine their facial expression will be the opposite.

For example if they say something positive but the body language say they feel disgusted is not hard to pick up on the sarcasm.

4. Out of place comments.

One using sarcasm might be making some out of place comments. So if you having a conversation about  bad weather with co-workers and one says “I am glad I didn’t forget about the sun cream otherwise I’d be all burned out skin at the end of this day”, of course they being sarcastic.

5. Using personal topics.

At times sarcastic comments contain the speakers  emotions.

You know your partner don’t like football, but you still tell her/him: “next weekend taking you to watch footie”.  Here come the sarcasm. “Oh so thoughtful of you. I would love that”.

6. Sarcasm used to an obvious answer.

If your boss told you the day before what to do but the next day when he comes you try to make some pathetic excuses and come up with: what you want me to do? A sarcastic answer would be: you just go and sit down for the rest of the day. I’ll take care of everything. When what he wants you to is obvious. They want you to finish the job.

7. Nasal voice can point out sarcasm.

Experts say the nasal tone often present a connection between the sarcasm and disgust.

“Sorry, you have to work this weekend”.  Oh, “thank you”.

8. Using streched words.

One come out to help you and you forget to thank them. You might hear: you soooooo welcome. Now that’s pure sarcasm.

Sarcasm can be playful used just as form of humour, but can also be hurtful when one use it to put you down and make themselves look intelligent. If that is the case there are ways to deal with sarcasm. This is for another day, thought.

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2 responses to “8 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Being Sarcastic

  1. Sarcasm is my second language…and I’m pretty good at recognizing fellow sarcasmites. 😉 Now, if half the people I came across on a daily basis read this post, they’d probably “get” what I’m saying a lot more.

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