5 Ways To Learn From Mistakes

Sure no-one like making mistakes. It happens though when you less expect it. Then you keep telling yourself how dumb you are. It’s just the first reaction.

I was watching this comedy last night when two brothers are living together. The oldest one decide to get married and only invites his brother to his wedding. He goes with his girlfriend. But after a argument the oldest brother call the wedding off. In an excited mood younger one gets married. After 4 moths his back at his brothers house, divorced, AGAIN. He is depressed, and all what he can think is: he failed time after time after time. When will I learn he ask himself….

The truth is there is not a line you cross and you’ll not make mistakes anymore. We keep making mistakes, even after we think we learned the lesson. That’s the way it is.

Some people think making mistakes is a mistake. Not making mistakes is prefectionism. Seeing the world from an angle that shows this world is fixed. (You know how true is that).

The reality is the world is changing rapidly. We live in this world, therefore we trying to adapt to these changes. We have embrace change too. It’s the evolution process.

We make mistakes because we dare to try. If we didn’t then we be in the same spot, not moving, maybe not surviving.

Making mistakes:

  • Point us in right direction.
  • We missed, something.
  • We deepen our knowledge.
  • We find our values.
  • What works and what don’t.
  • A good friend is a good friend, because is still there trying with you.
  • Make us a better person.
  • Tell us alot about others.
  • Remind us about humanity.
  • We learn the lesson of forgiveness.
  • Teach us what we didn’t know about ourselves.
  • Show our passions.
  • Create the balance in our lives.
  • What’s important and what’s not.
  • Value our relationships and true friendship.
  • Brings new facts to light.
  • Practise compassion.
  • Time to move on.

Mistakes are part of a growth process, part of being human, part of life.

1. Mistakes teach us the lesson to accept ourselves.

Did you thought you were going to make a great success in your venture? What’s happened? Something didn’t go quite to plan. Oh well! You learn that you are just like other humans. You make mistakes.

You notice it. You admit it. You see yourself from a diffrent point. You accept yourself for who you are with flaws and mistakes.

2. Mistakes help us clear your mind and see your passions.

You thought that was your passion. It might still well be. That was only a mistake. A mistake clear our mind so we can better see our passions, what we want and how to get there. Sometimes you only need to start again from another angle.

3. Mistakes teach us how to face our fears.

If you started a business with a bunch of energy and enthusiasm you truly didn’t think about failure. It still happens. Something don’t work, a mistake occur. You’re ready to try again and you fail again and again. Then the fear shows her ugly face. All them mistakes teach you the lesson how to face the fear head on. The fear dissapear. You wont let go of what is your life goals.

4. Mistakes show the truth always come out.

It’s natural to be embarrassed about a failure. You wish you could make them invisible, erase  them, cover them up. But at the end of the day still a lesson learned. You can’t cover the truth, one day it will come out. Admit it, human error. Let go of blame and shame. Concentrate on how to grow and develop yourself.

5. Mistakes teach us to live to our full potential.

Many people when faced with a complex mistakes or failure tend to withdraw themselves, pull back to their comfort zone. Instead use this as an experience to grow. Failure is not your brand. Get back in the game. Try, risk, you know your full potential. Don’t let mistakes stop you.

When we make mistakes that impact other people too, our confidence get  knocked down. But we must get through it. We must get past our doubts. Take another look of situation. Study every detail. Try from another prespective. Maybe there are other people who made the same mistake. Today they have accomplished their goals.

Humour and courage are some great tools to help you leave the past behind and get on with future projects. You learn that mistakes are inevitable, but as you overcome them you get stronger, wiser and grow from them to be the person you always wanted to be.

Photo credit PIXABAY

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