8 Ways To Maintain Romance

Who said “the romance is dead”? Not sure but might he/she was (not) right. The romance is blooming when you cant wait to see your partner, kiss them deeply, and get a room. But the reality seem to be harsh and when things get tough, really tough the romance dont feel dead but dont feel alive either. Well, I am talking when you been together for few good years..

Maybe you remember the start of your romance. When you couldn’t keep the hands off each other. When you use to have sex ten times  a day…. Then you think: what went wrong???

What can we do to keep the romance alive……

1. Start your day with a kiss.

Wake up and give your partner a kiss. It’s a good start. Oh would be lovely if you could make her/him breakfast in bed. But even a kiss on a cheek would pass a signal of love to them and would be a positive sign to start your day. If for some reason you’re living apart send them a text with love and kisses.

2. Dress up and tease your partner.

Sometimes dust of time seem to cover the romance. Even you know you still love each other. It works if you dress up for him in something that used to make him crazy for you. Or when you just had a shower go around him just in your towel. I hope his brain wakes up…

3. Show more affection in public.

Have you seen an old couple holding hands? What a loving gesture. They might been together for many many years yet still holding hands, still showing love and affection to one another. So if things get touch show her/him some love in public too. It’s a saying you don’t care who is watching, what you care is that you still love each other.

4. Sex make a relationship stronger.

I know at times it feels things changed. But how things changed? Do you still love her. If you feel not sure, ask yourself a question? How would you feel if you see him/her with someone else tomorrow? Try to imagine you’re walking around and you bump into your partner with other guy. I bet you feel crazy. So if you love your partner don’t let that happen. Sex keeps relationship going, and make love even stronger. Just be spontaneous. Don’t need make plans. But when you get chance don’t let it go. Have some great sex. Or if you can take her/him away in a trip. It don’t have to be in another continent. Maybe to another town for weekend or if weather is nice in a forest. You know what I mean. I don’t need to spell everything out.

5. Keep the honest communication open.

If you think you have started departing from one another, think again. You know what to do. Talk to your partner tell them how you exactly feel. Being honest and open   it’s crucial to maintain the romance. If one is going through depression or some hard time don’t just assume they don’t love you. In those tough moments they don’t love themselves. So be there for them. Give them a long hug, keep them in your arms, telling them you always  look after her/him. Supporting each other through hard times it’s not just important but a test that your relationship is going to last.

6. Apreciate each other.

Love is a wonderful feeling. It feels you were born for one another. Great isn’t it. But keep the love alive. Appreciate your partner always. Feel greatful for everything they do for you.

I use to work with this lady. She told me when she went home from work at 2am after midnight her husband would be sitting in front door waiting for her. Wow, I said that’s really beautiful thing. But, she didn’t think so. What a  ungreatful bitch. I told her that.

7. Do not try to change your partner.

As times goes by always remember your partner makes mistakes and have flaws. Dont we all? You knew that as you begun  the relatioship. You accept one anothet for who you are. She makes you laugh, she is so sexy,  she is just the one for you. Don’t try to change them, in someone they are not. If you do you’ll fail anyway and you lose them. So let them be. Remember why you fall in love with her/him in first place.

8. Add excitement in your relationship, always when you can.

Plan a week (or a month) away where she/he loves going. Or just take your partner for a nice meal at some nice places. Use your imagination. Add excitement to your relationship. Don’t let them get bored.

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