How To Express Your Feelings

People all have different feelings. They have a great impact in our lives. It’s healthy to identify your feelings and then express them in an appropriate way.

Some people don’t share their feelings. They think by doing so can hurt someone else, so they override or hide their feelings. But not expressing your feelings can lead to depression and anxiety and even to physical health issues.

Feelings can be simple, like fear or anger. It also can be complex. The complex feelings are more influenced by our thoughts and different emotions.

There are no right or wrong feelings. There are just feelings that exist and we need to learn and express them.

1. Identify and accept your feelings.

Withheld feelings can cause anxiety. Fear of something make us worry. People think “what if”, that happen to me.

First you identify your feelings. You know it’s acceptable to have any feelings. So accept you feeling that way. Accept your feelings. No need to feel angry with yourself why you have this feelings. It’s ok to feel the way you do.

2. Be aware how your body is responding to your feelings.

Feelings are affected by emotions and by our thoughts. Recognize how your body is reacting to your feelings. For example if you feel angry you might get warm in your face, your heatbeat raise. Or if you feel fear of something you might sweat.

3. Learn to name your feelings.

Sometimes people just can’t find the right word to describe their feelings. So instead of saying I feel irritated or discouraged they say I feel bad. Learn to name your feelings. Be anger, sadness, fear, joy, etc.

4. Analyse complex emotions.

At times we can deal with multiply emotions, that can be formed by primary and secondary emotions.

For example if you lost your job you feel angry with your boss and you also feel sad because you can’t provide for your family.

Try to separate your emotions so you can deal with each one at it’s own.

Expressing your feelings.

1. Talk to a trustworthy person.

You might be feeling depressed. It’s healthy and therapeutic that you talk it all out. It’s has to be someone you trust. Someone who is willing to listen, help and support you. It might be a family member, a close friend or a caunsellor. You’ll feel more light hearted once you express all your feelings.

2. Write your feelings down in a journal.

This another healthy outlet of your feelings, write them down in a journal. It is like having a deep conversation with yourself.  It don’t matter how you write. It only for you so if you like poetry or creative art, whatever works for you, just carry on putting your feelings down. It’s proven this form of expression reduce the level of stress and strengthen the immune system.

3. Meditate.

Meditation is a powerful way to calm your feelings down, taking deep breaths and focusing on the positive energy. Meditation relieves the level of stress and anxiety.

4. Reward yourself.

If you having good feelings like excitement or joyfulness treat yourself by going out with friends or going shopping and buying something you wanted from long time.

5. Ask for professional help if you struggle to express your feelings.

Some people shut themselves down and struggle to express their feelings in any way. If you’re one of them please seek professional help.

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6 responses to “How To Express Your Feelings

  1. A very tough thing to do for many people. The feeling of being vulnerable by opening up is tough to overcome. Finding a trustworthy person and keeping a journal are great steps/tools. Good post

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  2. Wow – this is so important. As Mike mentioned, online journaling ie blogging…has really started to help me with expressing my feelings. You presented such important, yet simple tips. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

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