How To Bring More Kindness In Our Lives

If you wander around in a city  alone nowadays you feel this world have become a cold place where no one cares if you live or die. People pass you so close, rushing somewhere saying nothing, like you don’t exist.

Years ago I remember I was searching and wandering around to find a place to live. Finally I found an address they had rooms to let. I went there. A big guy came out and invited me in. He made me a coffee. He seemed quiet friendly. I got a room for you,  he said. There are few other people who live here too. All friendly people. I show you the room if you want. Don’t you want a reference I said to him. No, he said. I can see in your eyes. The goodness, he said.

For years it stuck with me. A kind nice word. That’s the kindness of people. It touchs you in your heart. It makes you feel happy. It makes the world a better place.

But yet again kindness of people seem very rare now. You know kindness cost nothing (or very little) but would make a difference in ones day or even life.

Kindness is about bringing  generosity and positivity to the world, and to yourselves.

How can you bring more kindness into ones life.

1. Every morning wear your genuine smile.

Rushing to get to work or to get done your day to day routine it gets hard to concentrate and live a conscious life.

Take your time and live counsciously. Do it for yourself. First thing in the morning wear your big smile. It matters because it make you feel better about yourself. Then when you out and about keep smiling and laughing. It’s a positive sign of happy people and it spreads happiness all around to others. A smile is contageous. A laughter is even more contageous. You make a difference with such little effort, to yourself and others.

2. Give when you can, and what you don’t need.

Generosity it’s kind of forgoten or really left behind. It doesnt have to be that way. You dont have to be rich to give. We all have so much clothes we dont really use. It’s there doing no good to us. We have stuff that not being used for years lying there. So think and give it away. There are people who need it desperately. You change someones life and I am sure that would make you happier.

3. Show you care.

Most the time we are so absorbed and self centred and our actions with others are emotionless. I would say we transform ourselves in some kind of machines. Again not because we don’t care. We do care but we live unconsciously.

Show some real affection if one is trying to talk to you. Pay attention. Think he/she is just a human as you are. They just want someone to talk. Be that someone and show you care. We all can give acts of kindness. Being kind make a differece. To others and yourself.

4. Stop and listen.

If one opens up to you and start talking stop for a moment and hear them what they have to say. Don’t just be quiet, but genuinly listen. It matters, it makes them feel valued it makes their day brighter. Then say what you really think, your honest opinion. See, it doesn’t cost much to make someone happy.

5. Share.

Being connected to other people feels great. Not only when you’re happy. In tough times too. Don’t underestimate that. Connect and share with others. Life is about loving, caring, sharing, dancing and being loved. Share life’s moments. It makes such a difference. Make kindness the way of life, as it should be.

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12 responses to “How To Bring More Kindness In Our Lives

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  2. I agree with everything you say Seb! And all of that stuff is so easy to do and brings back so much happiness in return. But people have become so cut off and they seem to struggle to empathise with others. It is sad.

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