9 Ways To Make The Most Of It Each Day

Each day comes, each day goes so fast. We get on doing our daily routine, we’re too busy to notice this day, this moment. When we think about it, well it’s not there it’s  gone. You’re doing something (I get it), but that momet’s gone you missed it.

Life is a collection of single days. Sun rises in morning, sun sets later same day. Most the time we miss it. It’s likely we might be on our mobile phones. Well they have ocuppied a lot of our time now. It’s our modern way to waste time. Our precious time that we never get back.

The saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, makes great sense. But are we enjoying the gift? Are we making the most of it?

The news about wars around us, people that getting killed including kids,  people dying from starvation all over the world, and much more that affect our lives, undoubtly.

But if you’re sensitive enough and think you want to change the world start by changing yourself. Oh and this is your life. Live it, don’t waste it.

1. Live with intent.

Times changed. Techology has influenced everyone’s live. We are living a life that is more like robots than humans.

Live with intent each day.

  • Get the right life balance.
  • Notice.
  • Trust.

First we need to have  that right balance in life. Even when times are hard. Even when things get overwhelmed. This is your day to live, this is a gift to enjoy. Make the most of it. Remember your purpose. It gives you peace and joy.

Live with mindfulness. Pay attention when you take a deep breath of that cool breeze, and appreciate the moment.

Trust your inner self. Living with full intention is not always straight forward path. So be kind to yourself as you try and fail to find the way. Tomorrow is a new day.

2. Rise early.

Become a early riser. The mornings  are quiet and peaceful. Start by putting some music on.  Make a coffee and enjoy it with breakfast. You’ll feel full of energy.  And ready to start your day. You don’t need to rush. Take your time and love the sunrise.

2. Eat healthy, drink a lot of water.

Your food is fuel of your body. Choose healthy food. Drink fresh water. Lots of it.

3. Exercise more.

If you think you don’t have time, think again. You might don’t have time to take a run, but there many ways to exercise. Take a walk to town, or ride your bike to get to work.

4. Have goals.

Goals are our motivation. Goals made our purpose in life. If one is striving to achieve a top executive job, for a care taker the goal might be taking good care of her ill mother or father. We make each day a step towards them goals. It’s what gives our lives the meaning and purpose.

5. Slow down. Live the moment.

When your life gets so busy or too much, take a moment and breathe deeply. In and out. Remember your goals and purpose. Remember this is your day to live it the full. Slow down and enjoy.

6. Take a break.

I know it might not be that easy. But there is no need to worry to much about tomorrow. Especially when there is nothing you can do. So if life is getting stressful take a break. If you can’t afford to go on holiday abroad take small trips and spend time in nature. Also spend time with family and friends.

7. Make time to do what you love to do.

It’s about making the most of it everyday. You have hobbies, you have hopes and dreams. Don’t let them get covered by dust of time. If you don’t have time, sit plan and make that time.

8. Smile more, laugh more.

Start everyday with a big smile in your face. If you think there is nothing to smile, I’ll prove you wrong. There is this day given as gift to live, so smile. Find the bright side in any situation. Oh and laugh. Laugh more for longer.

9. Give if you can, and make a difference in people’s lives.

Appreciate your life, cherish people you love for being there and making life more beautiful for you. If you can, give something to others and make a difference. Put a smile in someone’s face. It will make you happier, your day brighter.

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