How To Change Someone’s Mind

It’s the hardest thing that you ever can imagine. Someone’s idea become someone’s thought, someone’s thought become someone’s beliefs. Someone’s beliefs it’s someone’s mind. It might well not be true but in ones mind not only it’s true but it might be the only truth.

Why is so hard to change one’s mind. Once we like an idea, we think it over and over and over again. It becomes our thought. We get so attached to it. It become our belief. When atached to a belief it’s hard to get to change it in something different.

That leaves no room for discussion. No room for what if, or maybes. So there you go. You see someone’s mind looks like just a wall that can not be broken.

Yes there it’s always worth trying.

1. Make the new idea sound is their idea not yours.

Most people like to believe whatever they think about something it’s true. So if you go and try to change that is more like you going to bang your head in the wall. So try to introduce the new idea like it’s their idea not yours. This is called Socratic method. People believe what they discover well be true. This works. But you must  be genuinely intersted in other persons view and not leading them where you want them to go.

2. Find out what experience has growing that belief in ones mind.

Our beliefs either can occur from strong thoughts or different experiences. For example if in your childhood your mother always shouted you abuse you might grow to think woman are horrible human beings. To change your belief that comes from a sad experience will take time and effort.  Experts say again Socratic method might works well.

3. Anyone can have faulty beliefs.

People always hold onto their beliefs. Of course they believe to be true. Making others think the frequency of us being correct and our value as human being are two different things it’s important.

4. Always seek the common ground.

Sometimes there is no need to change other people’s mind. People dissagree more in priciples than in reasoning that follows. Seek whatever common ground is there with your assumptions and their assumptions then go through the reasons for the differences.

Even in a deep dissagreement common ground exist. If not, somewhere must be room for change.

5. Show you’re willing to be proven wrong.

First you must show to others that you might be wrong. Or they might be wrong. The point is, to be proven wrong it’s ok.

6. Be their trusted friend before being their trusted mentor.

Everyone has in their lives someone whom we trust, someone whom we turn when times are tough, someone whom we believe to be the best friend, someone whom we trust with our lives. Become one of them for as many people as you can.

7. When wanting to change one’s mind, think twice, might you need to change your mind and not other people’s.

In all the techniques to change someone’s mind it’s been predicated that in any given dissagreement your idea is the correct one. But this in not always the case.

Before you thinking to try and change someone’s mind, listen very carefully what they have to say. Pause and listen, not pause and think about next argument.

Try them techniques on yourself, if they can change your mind. Try to remove an attachment from your idea. How does it feel? Can you do it?

Also think before you try changing one’s mind there is always much more room for difference of opinion. So be willing to compromise.

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