If You Want To Be Happier Quit Facebook, Studies Suggest

The technology seems to take over our lives. If you get in a train 90% of people are head down, checking their mobile phones.  And they carry on.

The truth is social media is taking a lot of our time. Precious time of our lives. It become a habit for too many, soon as they were founded. Now facebook has more than a billion users and counting. A billion users and the founder has become one of the wealthiest people in planet.

What is this all about?

We share photos, statuses and whatever comes in our mind. We just love sharing! Nothing wrong with that, you might think. In fact all this is taking too much away of our lives.  This has turned from a habit to an addiction. An addiction for so many people. And as we all know addictions ruin lives.

A study conducted by “Happiness Research Institute” in Denmark, revealed that quiting facebook, make you happier.

They divided 1095 people in two groups. The first group continued to use facebook, the second group was asked to quit facebook for one week.

After one week it was revealed that 88% people who quit facebook were feeling happier compared to the group who continued to use face book. The level of life satisfaction raised, in the group that quit facebook they felt less stressed, and more content with life.

A lot of people spend long time on facebook and in other social media sites.  The truth is it has stolen our privacy and it’s taking over our lives. Instead of bringing joy in our lives it’s bringing more stress and downing on us.

Facebook has become a place bombarded with everyones great news and the reality has more grey skies and that is maybe one reason that facebook is making us unhappy.

As I said in beginning of this post many people have become addicted to social media sites. Many of us can’t even imagine life without social media. True isn’t it? But it would been much healthier if we did quit. Beileve me, you wont miss anything.

Quit now and:

1. Have more time to spend with real people in real life.

It’s not a surprise everyone is so busy. There is no time for real connections. But if you quit,  might you get the chance to spend more time with people you love. Also you’ll have more time to go out and enjoy yourself, meet new people, breathe fresh air.

2. Reduce stress.

It does put you down. It gives you stress. Quit and reduce stress now. Walk in the nature, run, exercise more. Come back to the reality of real life.

3. Read books, instead.

Would been great if you quit and use that time to read books. You feel happier and you learn more.

I like to finish this with a joke:

“How was your weekend” a guy asked his friend? He answered: “It’s been terrible, two days without internet. I got to spend sometime with people in my family. Guess what… They were really nice people”

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7 responses to “If You Want To Be Happier Quit Facebook, Studies Suggest

  1. Gosh………that was thought provoking. Although, thankfully, I am not one of those people who shares every little moment of my life. I am too busy living it for myself, not sharing the special moments with strangers.:)

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