11 Ways To Be Smarter In Life

Did you finish university? Did you think you were smart enough or do you wish you were smarter?. See?  It doesnt matter how smart you are there is always someone smarter than you achieving extraordinary things. In that point you don’t feel quite happy with yourself.

Many people think the intelligence is power of people with high IQ, and they were born with it. You might think they are just super smart and lucky with their lives and there is nothing you can do.

Science proves you wrong. The intelligence you were born with is just a starting point. With enough motivation and determination you can expand your mental capabilities, and increase the IQ.

The question is how can we charge the brain superpowers and aim for limitless posibilities?

1. Train the brain.

Physical health is the first step if we want to build the future. Looking after you body, drinking water, having healthy food and exercise, lots of it. And that’s how we reshape our body.

But how do we exercise the brain? How can we reshape it?

There is puzzles and games that help exrecise the brain. Sudoku is a great puzzle that keeps your brain working and helps increase the cognitive abilities and mental health.

Lumosity is a program game created and  leaded by neuroscientists to challenge different parts of brain. It’s a enjoyable game. It also very motivating to beat your best score, as your brain reshape.

2. Invite creativity.

Whatever you do keep your brain working. In watever you see try to find a new way, and take it to a new level. Be creative. Be artistic. Keep drawing, painting, writing. Do watever you do best. Think outside the box. Improve the problem solving with fast thinking.

3. Practise maths.

Doing mental sums, or quick maths will keep your  brain work hard and fast. It does help create new connections in brain and expand to a better thinking.

4. Write stories, poetry.

Creative writing force your brain to work in inventing situations creating different characters in different places. It helps you process the information fast and express your thoughts in a better way.

5. Turn the hard stuff into simplicity.

Can you do that? If there is something hard to explain for most people can you simplify it so they can easy understand. Practise in your own. Turn the most complex issue to a simple one.

6. Spend time with smart people or smarter people.

They say you’re the average brain of your 5 friends. Surround yourself with smart people. And use your ears to listen. Learn to listen. Then you learn a lot.

7. Try to learn a new language.

It can be a tough challenge, but we’re talking about challenging our brain. Try hard. Learning a new language it’s a great opporunity and opens new possibilities.

8. Visit new places, if you can.

Visiting new countries and places make us aware of the diffferences in our lives. We face a new culture, a new language and we have to adapt to this kind of live. If you don’t know the language of the country you visit you brain need to work hard to find some creative way to communicate, express yourself, your thoughts and feelings. It’s a challenge that keeps your brain integrated to find new solutions for new problems.

9. Read, read and read some more.

Make time to read books. Every book opens a new window (in your mind) to see the world. Develop an interest to read different books. From romance to science, from fiction to non-fiction  from historical literature to poetry reading strech our brain to limits, as you learn from books and compare it to the real life.

10. Education is work in progress.

Don’t ever think you finish some studies and you know enough. The truth is you never know enough. Learn and educate yourself with every opportunity  you get. Don’t forget the best investment you can make is investing time, money, energy in your education and developing yourself further every day.

11. Share and connect with others.

Make use of information, put it into different situations on problem solving.

Then share it with other people. Let it grow. Interacting with other people help us expand our thinking beyond our limits. It also helps getting new ideas from different prespective. It’s a way to make a difference.

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  1. I love my new checklist. Your post has given be such a useful insight into not just improving my mind, but actually how to really enjoy my time. Thanks for sharing. Take care Cally.

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