7 Ways To Cope With Major Life Changes

You heard the saying live in present. It’s a meaninful saying. It tought us to live for the moment. You never, ever know what the future holds. It could be tomorrow you might be a millionare, but it also so easy can mean you have an accident and you’re no more. End of it. Gone.Forever.

Them things also teach you the biggest lesson ever. Who your true friends are and who is just pretending to be your friend. Life sometimes seems like a joke. You’re here today laughing then in few minutes your gone, you not here, your are gone……Gone in the air of mistery…

Things happens without notice. You just have to deal with it.

1. It’s ok to be sad.

It’s natural to have the feelings of sadness, when you lost something so close with your heart or when you lose somebody that it’s been in your life. It’s a major life change. When things don’t feel the same we have that emptiness in our heart, we grief, we feel sad. We feel so alone. It’s ok to feel this way. It’s ok ย to feel the lost, or the change. But you know you need to move on from the situation.

2. It’s ok to be vulnerable.

Most people boost their self confidence by convincing themselves their are strong people. They smile thinking it’s true. But when a big change occur we don’t seem to be as strong and that fearless guy. We feel weak. We feel vulnerable. It’s ok. It is really ok. Humans are vulnerable.

3. You feel lonely but you not alone.

When something happens in your life you think no-one can understand you, no-one can really feel the pain you going through. In fact people that are ย close to you will come around and try to lessen the pain. But if nobody comes around you still not alone. You have your own Self that always be there for you…Always in your side.

4. You ask for help, if you do need help.

Don’t just assume everyone it’s going to run after you. It might wont happen. It’s not always that people are fake. Sometimes people feel useless, they just don’t know what to do even if they love you very much. So you might need to spell it out. Tell them what help you need. You’ll get the help.

5. You’re strong, you’ll survive.

No doubt there. Humans are very strong. I’ve seen people losing their sight. And still going around. That is major change. They still there coping with that change. Humans adapt to any situation. They survive change. Amazingly.

6. Hope is most beautiful word, ever.

It might feels different. Whatever happened. But you still here. I can see your natural smile. A big smile. And I know why you smiling. You’re still you. Even after all, it’s you. Smiling because you might don’t see me but you see hope. HOPE. What a great word. It makes you go, it makes you smile… You see the light no-one can see. You know things will work out. You know you can be a better person.

7. Things change, but you’re still you.

The change make you adapt to it. To the outside world you might seem someone else. In fact you just grow to be stronger. It’s you. Just a better version of you, a stronger version of you. You know yourself. You still here fighting for your purpose in life. Your purpose never change.

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12 responses to “7 Ways To Cope With Major Life Changes

  1. #1 and #2 are very important things to keep in mind. If ignored or disregarded, I feel they can often be the biggest obstacle to accepting the current situation, and can lead to being the root cause of not being able to heal and move on.

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