5 Ways To Connect With Nature

Most of us live a busy hectic life. It’s a everyday routine and we feel stuck. If I have a bit of free time, I be on my phone checking social media. (Facebook, or whatever)

Social media! This is a new addiction for millions now. I use to love Nature. I still do. Yes I still do. But it’s been while since I walked in to a forest.

I use to walk in Nature everyday. I sat in my spot surrounded by many trees, and the singing birds. I got lost for hours. I feel sad why I had to let that happen. I want to go back and make that connection with Nature again.

Living in this modern world make it even more necessary to create that experience with Nature. Nature is so quiet, it embrace you into  it’s magic. It’s like a stress relief therapy. And it works, definitely.

Why don’t you try to connect with nature and leave that stressful life behind for few hours. It will do you good. You feel better. No words can really explain how perfect that connection feels.

You don’t need a guide step by step how to make that connection with mother Nature. I am just going to describe these ways, how I feel it.

1. Commit to make a connection with nature.

Yes we are busy. Everyone is so busy. Our mind is even busier. So you need to make a commitment to connect with nature.

Walk in and you see trees, rocks, deers, more trees and birds. You’ll feel that cool breeze. Find a secluded place and sit. Observe every little think and let your mind run free. In these moments you don’t need to ask how to connect with nature.  No more. You’ll feel it. It’s all in you. You feel just like a tree, you become part of that stream. It’s a unspoken great feeling.

Sitting there alone we just begin a relationship with nature. Then you understand our obsession with appearance of things instead of focusing on the beauty of the soul.

2. Make it alone.

If we’d go with friends we tend to talk and talk. So it would be better if you go alone. For once don’t think what other people think about you. Why does it matter what other people think..

You make a connection with nature when alone. The communication with nature works better in solitude. Just walk in and you get  that feeling of a huge invitation to rock this world.

3. Find a nice spot.

Like I said once you in, you might just like to wonder around. That’s ok. Walk around and find a place to sit down. Choose a nice spot. You can experience spiritual connection with nature whilst you walking but I find it easier when you sit and focus mind-body-nature.

4. Sit and let yourself in.

It would be good idea if you could fetch something that you can sit on. Just in case it might be wet or cold.

Sit and focus on what you can see and hear. Silence is not always uncomfortable. Let your mind into nature. Enjoy.

5. Observe and communicate.

We were tought that trees, rocks and the nature dont have spirits. But remember we didn’t come here to create arguments. We come here to connect.

As you sit and observe everything around , you already made that connection. You feel it. It’s all in you. The singing of birds, the silence of trees, that stream going and you. You feel a part of that beautiful world. The communication with nature begins.   Questions and answers just run naturally in your head. It’s a silent deep communication. You feel stress free. You feel so alive. And lost in this communication enveloped by this sense of peace.

You get the sense of growth too. Trees, flowers, animals water of stream and the rays of sunshine. The all growing in peace, and it feels great to be part of this world called Nature. A peaceful really peaceful feeling. We get it from the connection with Nature. Words can’t describe it.

Make this connection with Nature today. Get the real meaning of word “peace” with a joyful feeling. And much, much more.

Photo credit PIXABAY.



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