12 Ways To Motivate Your Team

One of the most great resourses in a business is your empolyees. It’s your duty that  you pick the best of employees and then make them understand how each one of them is part of this business. Everyone will be part of success or part of failure of this organization. The question is how do you motivate this team to perform it’s best and get great results.

First more than a great leader you have to be a good human being. Then you need to have the peoples skills and and organizational skills and make this team work for you at it’s best performance.

Here is some  ways how to motivate your team:

1. Share your company’s vision with everyone of the team.

As a owner and leader you know where you company is heading. This is your dream and to make it come true you make sure every employee knows what  the vision of this company is. We going from A to C, and this is the road. To reach the destination each of us need to work hard. Each of us is here to contribute towards this journey, and each of us will share the glory when we reach the destination.

2.  Communicate with your team.

Leaders have a critical role. They do the organizing and most hard work. Communication within your team is only a part of this job. Get to know everyone by name. Communicate in details with them. Tell them you want to know all their ideas they have.

3. Pay to each one a fair wage.

To get the best out of your people you have to pay them a fair wage. It’s ok to say you need to give 100% to the company to reach the target. But you must think each one of them want to make a living. You want the best performance from them then give them best wage they deserve. Talking about being fair.

4. Appreciate each one of your team.

Appreciation is the best reward for every one of us. Sometimes it goes beyond the money. Show your sincere gratitude for the contribution of  every individual of your team. Nothing works better.

5. Give everyone a chance to shine.

This is not just about going to work and performing daily tasks. It’s about giving each one in the team the power to develop and bring new ideas to life. Too many individuals will bring different ideas. And some of them could be crucial to the success of your organization.

6. Encurage creativity.

You dont need to check every step of the employees.  You’re there to make sure all organizational activities are implemented.  Give them the freedom to use use creativity and find the solution to different issues that occur every day. It helps developing and growing the team.

7. Dont let the team get bored give them challenging tasks.

Give each one of the team challenging tasks. First you keep the enthusiasm going, then you dont let work fall in that boring routine. It gives people the ability to develop new skills and grow further. It also keeps work interesting and  people engaged.

8. Empower each individual.

Believe in your people, show confidence and encourage them to explore their abilities within the organization. Some people could bring out great potencial that will serve the company.

9. Show as much support as you can.

Interact with all individuals of your team. Give them the freedom to be creative to different problems and show them your support in every step of the process to each one in the team.

10. Create a free stress work environment.

Keeping the team highly motivated depends on the work environment too. The less stress for empoyees the  easier will be to achive more as a team every day. Working under pressure means that stress might can’t be all avoided, but keeping it to a managable level is important for your success.

11. Celebrate every success, reward each individual.

The growth of your company will take time and hard work. It’s a long journey. Each small goal achieved is worth celebrating. It’s acknowledgement to each ones contribute. It’s a thank you. It keeps the enthusiasm and motivation alive.

12. Keep the team spirit up.

Your team is a great resource in your organization. It’s like being part of a family. Each one believe in each one. Each one support each one. Each one is a big a part of this team. And that’s the team spirit.

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