Together But Still Lonely

When you think you find that balance in life and your so close of being happy, then loneliness,  a painful feeling occur. We believe loneliness only happens when you alone  and not in relationship. But we wrong to think that. Studies suggests that 20% of people who feel lonely were married or in relationship living together. It happens when your hearts disconnect from one another.

You might be sitting in the same room or even on the same sofa, but your souls are miles away from one another. And that’s when you start feeling alone.

Loneliness is that feeling we get in our hearts when we want to connect to someone, but this someone is not available to connect with us due to feeling angry, sad, or withdrawn….

It can also happen when one of the partners abandon themselves. They  might be feeling lost. If you disconnect with yourself you lose connection with your partner too. In this case you might both are feeling lonely.

But what leads to loneliness when you’re married or in relationship living together?

1. You might feeling lonely with your partner because you shut your heart down to protect yourself of being hurt.

2. You might feel lonely in relatioship when your partner feels angry, tired and not talking to you. Or they shut you out with work and everything else.

3. You might feel lonely if your trying to have control over your partners feelings. Hearts diconnect.

4. You can feel lonely if a confilct happens and both of you’re uncommunicative.

5. You can feel lonely if one of you it’s going through depression, stressful times and feeling ovewhelmed. Might the other one gets tired of situation and your hearts disconnect.

6. You might feel lonely if you start judging your partner based on their feelings, thoughts or looks.

Basically loneliness occurs any time when one of the partners close their heart.

It’s clear to avoid loneliness in a couple we need to connect our hearts. If that happen you might be physically miles way from one another but you still will feel loved and close to each others hearts.

We never feel lonely if:

1. We willing to be open, authentic, truthful and non judgemental with one another.

2. We willing to deal with painful feelings in an open way, taking them instead of avoiding them, supporting each other in every step. Being there for them, loving them when it’s hard to love them and when they need that love most. If we stay connected to ourself we stay connected to one another. It’s the hard time that proves the love.

3. We willing to be loving compassionate, caring with ourselves and our partner.

4. We willing to learn and discover more about ourselves and our partner.

5. We spend time together, play together, learn together, make love together, laugh together and grow the connection. Always be interested in relationship and make time for one another.

6. Keep the communication open, and going, be honest to one another, enjoy each others  company.

7. Don’t isolate yourself. Keep having fun. Visit new places and meet new friends.

8. Stay connected to yourself and to one another. Don’t lose ability to love yourself and your partner.

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6 responses to “Together But Still Lonely

  1. Open communication and staying connected are key tools. And it’s weird, they seem like easy enough tasks while in a relationship, but sometimes they can be the hardest things to do. Conflict and forgiveness can play a big part in that. Relationships aren’t easy, they take constant work. You’ve provided great points to keep in mind.

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  2. Typically, lonely it happened to someone who does not really believe in God, and even if he was with someone else. Who believe in God will never feel lonely and it always felt calm and happy. Open communication and stay connected are also the key ways.


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