7 Ways That Music Affect Humans

With  the magic of the sound, music like nothing else communicate softly with our soul. It changes our mood in instant, it makes us smile, it makes us sing along, it makes us dance.

Music cross all the borders and goes beyond us where no communication can reach.  It uplifts our spirits, it brings in ourselves the child that keeps runing and laughing, and playing like there is no distraction in the world.

Music clear our brain, soften our heart, widen our imagination, unlock our creativity. Music travel in the deepest places of our hearts touching the memories that hurt and bring joy at the same time.

Music connect mind-body-soul. Music unify mind-body-soul.

Music helps a tree grow, make the darkest day brighter,  turn a cry in to a laugh. Music is the sound of earth, of skies and stars, of sunshine and storm together.

Yet we listen to music most the time not been aware of the impact it has on us as human. We let ourselves in there and lose in the rhythm of music.

But how music affects humans?

1. Music calms the waves of brain.

They are called beta waves and occur when we experiencing a busy day interacting with outside world. In stressful times or when negative emotions just invade our mind. It’s proven that music calms down them strong waves in our mind. The slower and calmer the brain waves are, the more relaxed and peaceful we feel..

2. Music affects the heartbeat, and blood pressure.

Have you experienced that fast music which make us dance and feel it deeply. It changes our heartbeat rate. It makes our heart beat faster just as the rhythm of the sound. The slow music slow down the heart beat. But all in moderation.

It’s also proven from researches that music affects the blood pressure too.

3. Music help reduce stress and depression.

Music change the mood we are in.  In people listening to relaxed music the hormons of strees start falling scientists say. It’s recommended for people who work under a lot of pressure and stress to listen to soothing music for 15 to 20 minutes a day. Along with meditation music relax our mind and body reducing the level of stress and anxiety.

4. Music increase the producitvity and creativity.

You might want to argue to this point, but studies by researchers show the people who were listening to light classical music increase the producitvity to 21% compared with people who were not listening to music.

Music broaden our mind and improves your IQ. It opens your mind to many ideas. It flows the creativity.

5. Music helps boost the immune system.

Researches in immunology suggests that the insufficient of ocsygen in blood might be a great cause of immune deficency. On other hand listening to music scentits say improves some proteins in bood and boost the immune system.

6. Music make us happier.

It changes our mood, you feel happier. For some reason you live in the song. It takes you all into that beautiful world. You just keep smiling.

Music is a great friend if you travelling. It makes your journey more fun and enjoyable.

7. Sometimes take a break.

If you have plenty time and your a music fan, keep listening to music and be happy. Dont’ forget you need to switch off the music sometimes. Take a break and connect to reality. You also can enjoy time without music at some point.

Music brings that goodness in us. It makes you kind and loving human being. Music heals our mind.

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14 responses to “7 Ways That Music Affect Humans

  1. This is so true. Just this morning I was listening to my Pandora on my phone while reading the bible and had “relaxation” station on. The music of a song I recognized came on and I couldn’t help but stop to sing the words and look it up. It changes my mood. It touched my heart.

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