10 Ways To Start A Conversation

At some point when we waiting for something, with someone the silence become awkward and stressful. You would like to break the silence and talk about something. But there is nothing in your mind.

Here is some tips how to start a conversation if you ever find yourself in that situation.

1. Say something about location or occassion.

Remark the location like “this is a lovely town”, or “I like the decoration in this room”, or  “what a great view”, or “a nice dog”.

2. Ask an open-ended question.

A open-ended question requires an explonation as an answer. Rather than close-end question can answer with a simple yes or no. Open-ended questions tend to start with: who, where, when, what.

Some examples: Where did you go on holiday? When did you finish university? What is your favorite car? Etc.

3. Combine general remarks with open-ended questions.

Like, “that’s a really nice shirt, where did you bought it from”, “this is a great mobile phone what network you use”, “that is a nice dinner, did you cook it yourself”.

4. Ask questions that are easy to answer.

If you don’t know the person you like to start a conversation with then ask questions that are easy to answer. Some questions can be difficult to answer. Like, “what you doing tomorrow”. They might feel don’t want to answer that question. Instead ask something that is easy to answer. “School is boring these days isn’t it”?

5. Act relaxed and naturally.

When you start a conversation you don’t want to appear stressed or nervous. Let go of your fears. At the end of the day it’s only a conversation. So be natural and relaxed.

6. Keep the conversation going with small talk.

Don’t talk about sensitive issues that might hurt other persons feelings. Keep the talk simple and light. Small talk encircle topics like pruchase of a new home, or your website,  or plans for your next holiday, a good film you watched last week, or even weather. You definitely want to avoid getting in arguments. So them topics will keep the conversation going. Also don’t worry about short pauses. It give you both time to collect your thoughts, also could be a break to change topics or subjects.

Topics to avoid:  politics, religion, anything to do with sex.

7. Introduce yourself if don’t know the person you want to talk.

Most the time people are careful when talking to strangers. So best way on this case is introduce yourself. Offer a hand shake with a smile. It’s polite plus put other person on ease.

8. Engage and follow the lead of conversation.

If you start a conversation in a topic that you both are interested at, engage yourself and follow the lead of the subject. Stay interested and show curiosity. Don’t withdraw yourself as that would make other person uncomfortable. Find new ways to keep conversation run smoothly.

9. Remember their name.

As conversation is going don’t forget their name. It’s nice that time by time to mention his/her name. Also use your body language. Smile and laugh if there is something funny. But dont be weird. Just act in a natural way.

10. Mention in the start that you need to go soon.

When you start talking with someone for first time mention that you need to go soon as your frend is waiting for you.

First this is to relieve your partner from that feeling trapped and obligated, to talk.

It also give you both an easy way to end the conversation if it’s not progressing well. But if the talk runs naturally you alwas can say, he/she can wait five minutes.

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14 responses to “10 Ways To Start A Conversation

  1. Good coaching Seb. I often have trouble remembering names so after introducing myself I apologies for my memory if I fail to remember when we next meet. I will make a joke by pointing to my head and say I have teflon up there that becomes especially active when I hear a name. Nothing sticks!

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  2. I’ve grown so accustomed to the silence of standing by/near someone that it doesn’t really phase me anymore. But these are very good tips to keep in mind to help me break out of that comfort zone. Good post.

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    • Thank you for your comment!

      I do like long a meaningful talk too but it doesnt depend all in our personality. It depends in other persons personality too. Also other factors like timing, mood, like other person or not as this post is about starting a conversation with someone you never spoke before. And most people find it hard to talk to strangers.

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