9 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

Sex does wonders. It takes us to highest level of pleasure. I mean fulfilling sex, that both partners enjoy.

It most start by falling in love with someone. Sometimes can begin as a sexual encounter and from there partners have fallen in love. And sex only gets better then. It’s the deepest intimatcy connection. By just looking in her eyes you get that frustrating feeling…. Leave everything jump in car and end up in some secluded area of woods having great sex….

But as days go by, things change.  Kids, school, work, money worries and a hectic life.

It don’t have to be that way. Are you still attracted to one another? If yes then read on, and refresh your sex life.

1. Explore your body. Like your body.

People are so self conscious about their body. Especially woman. If you’re one of them just take a look at other woman when out and about. You notice everyone is different but no-one is perfect. So get naked in front of mirror and instead of thinking you’re fat think you got some great curves that your man really loves. I bet he does. Feel good about your body. As you know a sex act starts in your brain first. Learn how you like to be touched, and what turns you on.

2. Make your partner feel wanted.

When things get to that boredom it’s likely neither of you feel wanted. Find the right moment when you both relaxing and express your feelings. Tell your partner that your longing to have her. Feeling wanted is a turn on.

3. Don’t skip foreplay.

Foreplay is very important to having a satisfying sex. Men mostly  want to skip that step.

Take it slowly. Play with each other, softely. Make it intense. Play further until both of you’re ready. Focus on giving pleasure more than receiving.

4. Play music in back ground.

Low sexy music only make you feel hotter. It resonates with your minds and bodies. Play it slowly. It’s much better. Enjoy every second.

5. Don’t approach sex as something to be done.

Never see sex as something that need to be done. Or something that you just want to do for your partner. Sex is magic when you both really want each other. You have to feel it to do it. If you feel you want her/him, then create that moment and don’t be shy. One always have to take that first step.

6. Be spontaneous, adventurous, and creative.

Sex is not about planning. It’s much more enjoyable, when it happen in a spontaneous way. So if your partner is doing chores in kitchen you might want to help her. Oh and yes you really can turn it into having some good quality sex.

Also be adventurous. Try exploring diffrent ways that turn both of you on.

It dont have to be the same position all the time. Neither has to be always in bedroom. Or if you use to have sex only saturdays you know you can surprise your parner another day and another time.

7. Communication is the key to unfold a new a chapter of sex life.

When life gets overwhelmed, sex seem to be fogotten. Even you still love one another, so you still love sex a lot. What’s happen is you not talking much.

Find the right time talk. Explain to your partner changes of your body. Tell her/him what you want and how you want it. Tell them what turns you on and what turns you off. Explain what they have to do to make sex more pleasurable. Be honest. Be open. Be specific. Talks builds trust and intimacy.

8. Don’t fake it, if you don’t reach it.

Some people think it’s ok to fake an orgasm. It makes both partners happy. No it doesn’t. Don’t fake it. Talk longer and specifically. Tell each other what works for you. It’s important that you don’t criticize. Instead assure your partner that it’s ok sometimes if you don’t manage an orgasm. Improve communication to improve sex.

9. Share your sex fantasies.

Just because you might not talking it doesn’t mean you run out of fantasies. Surely you both fantasize about sex. It’s a great turn on to share your fantasies. If one of you is thinking having a steamy night in a hotel room, create that opportunity. Make it happen. It could be just a new beginning on your sex life.

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