7 Ways That Humour Heals

We tend to watch comedy or programs that make us laugh. It’s pretty obvious why. Because the laughter is best medicine. And it’s true. You know you don’t need any science to tell you that. A laughter is contagious. It makes people happy. It goes beyond the stress and changes our mood. That’s why we love humour…

Humour affect humans health by strengthen the immune system. But we laugh because we feel happy that way. Here is the ways that humour heals:

1. Humour fights fear and doubts.

We all gone through this. If you’re trying to find a solution to a problem you might don’t want to laugh as it’s a serious matter. You want to get it done but you need the way how to do it. And it’s not coming out. While with few friends having a drink and a laugh it’s very likely you’ll find the way. A good laugh relax your mind and your body. In a happy mood ideas seem to flow out of your mind. Humour combats the fear. It is a strange way how you overcome fear just by laughing. Humour makes you feel stronger and more confident. It also get rid of fear and doubts by changing the prespective and reaction how we look at things.

2. Humour comforts.

When you like to commfort one you care about  you give them a hug. It’s like saying I promise you be ok. But many times we use humour to commfort our loved ones. We just make them laugh. They feel more relaxed. Humour tell us not take things that seriously. Have a laugh. You feel a million times better.

3. Humour reduce stress and depression.

A laughter change the way you feel. Even when there is a lot in your plate. You feel so stressed. If you get together with some good friends and humour starts, the effects are great. You laugh. You seem to forget about the problems you face. Humour reduce the stress levels. It’s best natural medicine.

4. Humour strengthen your immune system.

It’s scientifically proven humour strengthen your immune system. Having a happy heart leads to a better health. Fantastic. We all want to be healthy and happy. Take the moment and laugh, laugh and be happy. Nothing matter but the moment.

5. Humour nurture optimisem.

A laughter is health. Humour is like gratitude. Appreciation of good people in your life. Humour just make you appreciate the moment. In a happy way. Even in tough times humour cultivates optimisem. Making situations look more easy to overcome. Through humour you feel more enthusiastic for the future.

6. Humour improve communication.

Even in a relationship that is going nowhere, humour sets the basis for communication. Make it easier to talk. Sometimes it just so hard and a laughter brings everything to ground. We can see anger don’t solve anything. While humour make us laugh and relax. It also help us to think for one anothers feelings. Humour improve the communication between people. It just make it natural.

7. Humour broaden happiness.

It’s so simple. Laughter change your mood and the way you feel. It make you happier. And not only you. If you spending some time with you friends and laughter begins.. It just grows and grows. Makes everyone happy. It spreads and grows and increase the level of happiness to all people around.

Humour is a tool to change lives. A natural free tool. Use it everyday to make smily faces and happy people.

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6 responses to “7 Ways That Humour Heals

  1. I interject humor into every day, so much joy to be had in laughing with people. When I spend times with friends, we laugh so hard we cry, or our stomachs hurt. That is the best feeling ever!!! We should never take ourselves too seriously. Have fun and share laughs with everyone you come in contact with. Some people don’t know how to laugh, my hope is they can find their joy! Great post Seb! Thank you:)


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