How To Fix A Broken Heart

Falling in love happens so naturally, and it’s the best feeling ever.  Most people love so deeply like there is no tomorrow. Loving is feeling highest of the high. Who didn’t feel the power of love??

It’s so simple to fall in love with someone, and let them invade your heart. There is no two people anymore just one. The moment of a deep love when two people become one. A great super feeling….

But when people we love most, reject us, leave us, die, or for some reason just want to go in a separate way they break our heart in pieces.

You might know how a broken heart feels like. The pain and hurt is beyond any comparison..

But how can you mend a broken heart? Here are some ways:

1. Stand still and feel the crack.

There is not a quick fix to this. But the only way is feeling the pain and getting through it, not around it. It means you have to take the hurt and face it. Let your emotions lose. Grieve, cry your eyes out. Don’t be ashamed of your broken heart. Be honest to yourself and don’t try to hold your feelings back. Tell your true friends and family whats happened. Stay away from social media and surely drinking heavily will make your feelings worse.

Don’t desperatly try to win your lover back, and don’t try to convince yourself your ok with this break up either.

2. Fill the void and emptiness within yourself.

Buddha says attachment leads to suffering. Now the only path back to peace and happiness is detachment.

Avoid bumping in your ex. If you don’t feel going out that it’s ok. Stay in and do something fun. You can write down in a journal your sad thoughts. Also avoid excessive drinking. You don’t have to be social if don’t feel like it. But make sure you don’t isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Invite your best friend at your place and lose yourself in a long conversation with them. Or give your old mate a call and have a chat. Or talk to your parents. There will be someone in your circle that is happy to listen to you.

3. Time to collect our thoughts.

After few weeks passed of your break up is time to reflect in the relationship and the person that broke your heart.

You have enjoyed and had some great time together most likely than not some great sex too.

Write down the positives that you gained from that relationship. Like high self confidence, you loved your body etc.

Then the negatives, like maybe your relationship was the reason you missed on close friendship.

Write down  the positive qualities of the person you were in love and list all the negative qualities you can recall from them too.

4. Spend time with your family and close friend.

Spend as much time as you can with your family and close friends. If they live away maybe now it’s time to take a break. Your family always love you, always no matter what. At this moment you really need them and their love too. They are happy to have you back and give you all the love without limits.

5. Learn to love the company of yourself.

After all being alone is not all bad. You feel in control and can do whatever you like. Time to love being alone. Time to be yourselfs best friend.

6. Have fun, but don’t rush in another relationship.

You have picked up your hearts pieces and trying to put them back all together. Start having fun. Go out with friends. Visit new places. Make new friends. Connect with a long lost friend. You feeling alive again. Good. But don’t rush in another relationship just yet.

7. Find Hope……

All this time you create a new world. You start doing things you always loved. You returned to your hobbies. Oh and so much into your family. It feels different but good. After all that you fully went through it. They say there is an emotion that always overcome fear. And that is hope. You find hope. Again. Through forgivness. Your heart is mending.

8…. And think you can love again with all your heart.

There is no need to shut down your heart or be careful. Of course you can love again. Out there is someone waiting for you. Someone that will find you no matter where you hidding. You can love again as deeply and intensly as you once did.

The more you suffered through a heartbreak the more you want to love truly, deeply and grow your heart wider. You just love to love. Who can stop you?


Photo credit PIXABAY


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