7 Ways To Be More Creative In Life

Being creative means thinking outside of the box, taking risks, ignoring doubts, overcoming fears and finding new soultions for every challenge life throws at you. A creative mind writes because it loves writing not because want to make good money. If they not inspired they dance in rain, they walk in nature, they sing along the songs they love.

Creative people map hunderds of routes to destination and only walk in that innovative one. The one that they enjoy and is different from all other routes.

But is creativity something that some people are born with and some others are left without it.

I truly believe each of us can be creative in their own way. The problem is many of us chose to cover it with the dust of our busy routine.

Here are some ways of being more creative in life.

1. Accept it you are creative.

If you think only some people can be creative, you trying to convince yourself that you’re not one of them. Wrong! You’re creative too. Only thing might be that you don’t have much time to relax your mind and think outside of the box. First you must accept that you are creative.

Creativity is a mindfulness thinking. Then coming out with some new ideas. Take a moment to relax. New ideas of what you can be creative at don’t come when you stressed out. You need to let your mind travel freely.

Creativity is about walking in the path that fulfill your life with joy and happiness. It’s about exploring all the opportunities and knowing yourself better.

2. Give yourself time.

Creativity is art. It can’t be forced. It flows out of your mind in the right moment. We all can cultivate creativity. Just give yourself time.

What also important is that always look at things from diffrent prespective or different angle. As you want to get out something new, that is not explored before.

3. Free your mind in a long journey.

Different people look at a situation from different point of view. Let your mind freely walk way from this situation. Let your imagination lead you. What would happen if this occur in another country? What would be the solution there? Would it be diffrent, and how?

Some way your mind will find a new idea, a new solution.

4. Walk half an hour everyday.

In a stressful environment you hardly going to be creative. The point is you need to exercise to be creative. Exercise your mind and your body. It’s a great idea walking in a forest. Find a spot that rocks your imagination and let it run wild. Take a thought, a problem or an idea and run it to different extrems. Try to find a new outcome.Don’t settle for easiest one. Try and get as many ideas as you can. Think for a mad idea.

5. Lose yourself into little things.

Concentrating in one thing means you’re so focused on work. In meantime creativity is like wellspring it need nourishing to flow.

So how can you open the doors to creativity.

Watch your kids play. You notice how the fall in that deep play without any rules. Join in and let yourself lose in that play.

Lose yourself into the music you like. Or if you like drawing play with pencils. Just draw whatever you like.

Don’t always sit in your chair. Might would be good idea sometime if you lay in the floor and embrace your imagination.

Let yourself walk in the rain or play in the snow. Dance in your room or just watch people walk by from your window whilst your mind flying in a different continent.

Sometimes when you have no plans just wonder around. Let yourself live the moment. Smile. Laugh loud. Laugh deep, laugh often.

6. Spend more time within yourself.

Creativity dont usually flow when were out and about with friends. So enjoy the company of yourself. Contemplate on your corner, think thoughtfully. Recharge your mind whilst you happy being alone.

This is that silence where we can be and enjoy the time being. We can just let ourself be. Allow ย ourself to daydream.

7. Share your creativity.

Then is time to break the boundaries and share your creative work with others. You get feedback. You can yet improve. You get other ideas from like minded people.

Keep it simple and always seek inspiration.

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  2. i needed this dude .. In past some weeks i feel like what i want to see is what you have . What i want to write and think is what you have already written … So i just feel like ….SEB DANI IS TOO GOOD …. ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

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