The Rays Of Hope

It’s funny how things work. When you struggle to get through a hard time, you still have to do everything that is in your daily routine. Life might be tough but it never stops, as long as you breathing.

I am here for you if you need to talk.

But I didn’t feel talking. I just feel down, empty, sad……

So what do we do when life throws tough times at us?

Here are some tips. For you, for me, for everyone who is feeling down. But them tips are just tips. I hope they help, but it’s not a perscription drug…. Whatever you do, don’t lose hope…

1. Look up.

I fall once, and I got up back on my feet. Then I fall again. Then I fall again. Then I though what do I do now? Is it worth even getting back on my feet again? The answer is: yes of course. No matter how many times you fall, no matter how much it hurts, no matter how long it might last. Find the strengths deep inside you and look up. If it’s raining you’ll feel the raindrops, if it’s sunshine you feel the light of sun..Look up, always, you’ll see the rays of hope.

2. You’re not the only one.

I saw a friend of mine other day when having a drink. Not good news for my mum he said. Shes getting worse. Cancer is spreading. I stopped, was just thinking. Sorry he said didn’t mean to put you down. Please don’t apologize, I said to him. I didn’t know what to say. I felt really small.

In that moment I realize that when you see people pass you by there is a story they carry with them. Always. If you going through depression,  just try to think outside of the box, there are many others going through same path as you or even much worse.

3. Reflect.

Now in modern days you step online and can find out ways and tips that might help you with whatever you going through. Or might not.

Take a moment and think deeply. There is not a magic solution. Just think. Reflect. Only you can heal your mind. Take a look back in your life. Just appreciate what you have. It’s not all what you want, but it’s a lot, and many others wish they had as much as you have. Have you got a roof over your head? If yes you’re lucky as there millions who don’t. Have you got some food? Have you got people who love you and appreciate you? Then you have everything you need. Just reflect and appreciate what you have…

4. Walk in nature.

If you’re depressed because of debt (yes millions of people are in debt), nature wont give you a big check. What nature gives you in fact is much more than that check you need. It will give you the joy of peace that your soul really needs. Stop and enjoy that peace as long as you can…Facing the harsh reality is tough. But just remember for every problem we human face there is a solution. If you cool your mind it’s likely you’ll find your solution too…

5…Listen to happy music.

You might feel telling me to get out of your way, but I am just trying to help. You might dont feel listen to music. Shutting down dont help though. Truth is music has the power to change our mood. It just touch us in deepest place in our heart. And heals.

6. If nothing helps, then talk to me.

We’re here for a reason. We love our blogs. We love life. We love people. We are human. Things not always work out. But when things don’t go to plan try and look at positives. If you can’t, give me a shout.

I am here for you, to listen. I am here to give you a hug. I am here to wipe your tears. I am here to tell you things will get better. I am here because I know it’s hard and alone even it’s harder. I am here if you want to talk. You not alone.

Yeah just realize there is always someone you can talk to. Someone to listen, someone to share your story, your thoughts, your feelings. Take that step, someone CARE.

And whatever you do, always look up, there is the rays of HOPE.

Photo credit PIXABAY


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