10 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Now we live in fast track life. Rush to get a shower, no time for breakfast, rush to get to work. Rush every minute to keep up with this fast paced world. Sometimes life gets to much, hectic, overwhelmed.

Multitasking, to many places to go, to many things to do, to many commitments to keep. It all gets so complicated.

How can we simplify our life? A simple life would give you the balance of freedom and joy.

1. Reduce your possessions.

To many possessions can make a mess and complicate your life. Just take a look and get rid of things you don’t use anymore. The things that don’t serve you any longer. Just keep what you need. You either can sell them or donate. You’ll se the difference you make by decluttering the stuff you dont use and need. You create more space, you know where everything is, the home looks nice and tidy. You can breathe freely.

2. Select your priorities.

You need to know what are most important things that you need to get done daily. It might be working. So that comes first. Then other important activities. Get rid of non-important things you been doing in the past. Again things that don’t add any value in your life. If you have too many friends let them go, but surely not your close friends.

3. Ease your commitments.

Our days are filled with time commitments: Work, home,  kids activities, daily events, hobbies etc. When possible you need to ease the commitments that not adding any values in to your life. It’s about making your life simple and less stressful.

4. Get rid of negative thoughts.

Even in a busy life negative thoughts are more present in our minds. Negative emotions like resentment, jelousy, hate prevent us from enjoying life, and just add more stress in our lives. Keep control of your mind. Let go of negative thoughts and emotions.

5. Reduce your goals.

We all set goals in our lives. Of course we’d love to achieve many great things, but when we focus in too many goals usually we reduce the success rate. So is better to reduce the number of goals. Just concentrate in two or three main goals.

6. Say No to multitasking.

Are you concentrating in too many things at time? Well, don’t. Most of people doing multitasking don’t get much done. That because they not fully engaged, also it’s likely they thinking of next task. Multitasking decrease the quality of doing.

So just try one thing at the time. Focus, finish then pop to the next task.

7. Free yourself from debts.

Living with debts means living a stressful life. Take action today to go debt free. I know it’s not easy. But there are different organizations that help with debt solutions between you and creditors. Some even can write off about 85% of your debts. The rest can be arranged to be paid as much as you can afford.

8. Slow down.

It’s time to remind yourself to slow down and enjoy life. Eat slowly, talk slowly, walk slowly, breathe slowly. Take your time for everything. By slowing down you will get more things done, and definitelly you’ll enjoy them more.

9. Switch off technology for at least an hour a day.

If you want to simplify your life then plan an hour free off the computers, mobile phone, television. Switch them all off. Free yourself from technology for an hour and possibly spend this hour in nature. You get great benefits just in this hour. Connect your soul with nature.

10. Make more time for yourself and people you love.

Achieving a simple life means you make more time for yourself. Spend it wisely, spend it with people that care for you, with people that love you and inspire you.

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