5 Ways Of Thinking Big

Setting your own business it always been so many people’s dream. It’s like creating a little world, your own world, working for yourself, being your own boss.

Whilst many people do take that step and try to make it happen quite few succeed and most of them fail. There is many reasons that so many fail. ( thats for another post).

But the few that make it a success, they develop a strategy that works. The way they think and act is different from so many other people. I mean before they start they have it all in their minds. How’s going to happen, how they going to surpass problems, difficulties and overcome different obstacles in their way.

Everything grows from a single thought, the thought of thinking big.

1. Start small, think BIG.

You can’t start a big company tomorrow. It’s not just the cost but let me take a simple example. Everything it’s born as little and grow thereafter. Even humans are born babies and grow to be big and do big things in their lives. Basically the point is you can’t run if you haven’t learn to walk first. So start with a small store or company. In your mind from the day one you keep thinking big. You can grow this small company and go to make it a huge massive success. But wont happen over night. It will take money, hard work, great strategies, and of course time. It will take sometime.

2. Thinking BIG about:

  • Your life purpose.
  • Daily tasks, projects, objectives, and targets.
  • Your contribution to the world.
  • Your capacity of thinking creativly.
  • Your capacity of thinking critically, flexibly and the ability to adapt change.
  • Your capacity of organizing and directing your team through everyday challenges. The ability to overcome obstacles and maintain the positivity through all the process.
  • Your capacity of change, making every step do-able, and the ability to smile at the end of each day, motivating and inspiring everyone.
  • Your capacity of grabing the opporunities and providing value to your company and others.

3. Overcome the barriers of thinking BIG.

Thinking big is thinking beyond yourself and your reach. It’s thinking freely without limits, overcoming fears and obstacles.

I am not saying is all that easy. Of course not. It takes time and courage to grow yourself of thinking big. Even then there is still barriers to overcome:

  • Short term thinking, stops your from seeing the solutions and adavantages of thinking big.
  • Negative thinking prevents you ftom all the positives of the big picture.
  • Procastination slow you down making you think these steps are impossible.
  • Overthinking make you doubt you ability to make it happen.
  • Excuses, making you to focus in things that are not as important.

4. Thinking BIG requires you truly to believe in yourself.

This in fact could be the first step. The first requirement. You might have your great ideas, but to bring them to light and life firstly you must believe in yourself. You know yourself better than anyone knows you. So when you represent Β your ideas to the world there will be negative reactions more than positive ones. But only you know with your determination and positivity you can make it happen. And no-one can stop that.

5. Thinking BIG needs acting big.

Out there are so many people who made their dreams reality. It’s a great feeling. And they were just like us, like all humans.

Thinking big is great, but it’s only an idea in your mind. When you set goals and lay down plans of action you don’t go for safety. The goals you set is expanding the comfort zone, pushing all the limits, streching your imagination and freeing your mind of thinking big.

Thinking big is visualize your dream, then believe in your dream, then step forward and work in your dream. Go out and do it. And when you do it you turn the impossible into possible.

Thinking big is making a difference in so many people’s lives, it’s changing the World for better.

Think big, dream big, act big. If someone can make it, you can too.


Photo credit PIXABAY


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