37 Powerful Life Lessons

Going through life we try to enjoy each day as it comes. There are surprises you love and suprises you wish you didn’t had to deal with. In fact we spend to much time worrying about stuff everyday.

Sometimes things just click. And it feels right. It might be the better understanding of life.

1. Love with all your heart. Love with open heart. There is a chance you would have it broken. But still open your heart and let someone in.

2. Life is about journey not about destination. Stop worring, start enjoying.

3. The people who are hardest to love need it most.

4. Happiness is an internal state of mind. Don’t seek it as external status.

5. Happiness is about intensity of love, peace and laugh. It’s all in that balance.

6. Forgivness is a gift that you give to yourself.

7. Reputation is our shadow, it follow us wherever we go no matter if it’s rain or sunshine.

8. Money don’t make you happy but it does stop many of your worries.

9. Give more than you take. In silence.

10. When money becomes a greed, there we have an issue. Going unsloved will leave you with absolutely nothing, except your money.

11. Life is a circle. Going is coming, coming is going.

12. Everything has a price, but not everything should be for sale.

13. Making other people feel good it’s a great feeling. To describe it’s hard.

15. Tough times don’t last but it tells a lot about us.

16. Toxic food is bad for your body, toxic people are bad for your inner self. Stay away from both.

17. You can walk away from other people if you don’t like them but you can’t walk away from yourself. So be nice to yourself, even in a stressful day.

18. Seeing your children playing gives you a bunch of joy. It turns the cloudest day in sunshine.

19. Always walk within yourself not against yourself.

20. It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice, as the song says.

21. It’s better to be kind than to be right.

22. Never let an argument last, it only makes life miserable.

23. Appreciate people in your life more than possessions. Possessions go and come but people never do.

24. Be greatful each morning, when you wake up express gratitude.

25. Keep hold of every good memory, it’s like meeting a good old friend.

26. Life is a stage, a large stage. You came 0n that stage to play and enjoy. But also to take responsibility for your actions.

27. The path is the way. Your mind should be in peace with your heart.

28. I only find mothers love, unconditional love.

29. Try not to talk in anger, if you say something it’s very likely you need to apologize later.

30. Music is a powerful expression. It goes in our hearts, it changes the mood and loses in instant.

31. Our thoughts are not always our emotions. But when they enter our minds just let them in and out. Never try to stop them.

32. In most stressful day there is nothing  like your childs hug, or your pet wanting to give you some love. No comparison to that.

33. Always, always tell the truth. It sets you free.

34. Dont stand by and watch time fly. Live every moment.

35. In the darkest day don’t get caught thinking what you failed to achieve. Take a look and appreciate what you have achieved.

36. Take care of yourself.

37. Build trust and respect along the way. They would be your castle.


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