Why We Feel Better In Nature

Nature is when you step outside of the door of your house. There might be other houses,  streets, cars, dust. Hence nature is much more than that.

Have you sat in a silence of a big forest, where the beauty of nature just smiles at you. It’s a whole different world. Silence, and the deep nice smell of trees and flowers. Yes even in winter. It’s a massive invitation to everyone out there. Hey what you doing in that busy world? Come here, relax in this great beauty of nature. Breathe  deeply,  breathe.

I really feel relaxed in nature. My whole body and mind find the best balance ever. A great moment you don’t want to miss. Silence, peace and love. A great feeling.

There is a question though: why we feel so good in nature?

1. There is No mirrors, in nature.

You stand in front of mirror and you don’t like what you see. You don’t feel going out. I mean at home.

When you get out in nature there is no mirrors. And for change you don’t judge yourself. Nature quietly tells you that there is nothing wrong with you. You become a part of this beauty of nature. Rivers, trees, flowers and that cool breeze. And you. You feeling truly you. You never felt this way before.

Also in these moments you forget about overweight, tall, short, ugly, beautiful. Everything is beautiful there. Even short trees. You learn a lesson. Everyone, I mean everyone, is beautiful in it’s own right……

2. Time slows down.

Living a busy life in city’s is crazy. Time just flies. It’s  opposite when you get in nature,  time slows down. You take deep breaths. You enjoy all what the nature offeres to you. Fresh air, and peace. What more you want? Everyone and everything is equal here. A great feeling. So far away with the reality of our lives, where someone is worth billions and someone else is worth nothing at all. Nature tells you that we are all humans….. You feel great in here. Nature doesn’t care how much money you make?

3. There is not such a competition in nature.

In our real lives there is no one who don’t feel the competition of life. You make a product and few days after that someone else make a better product than yours. Such a competitive world. Tough to survive.

When you get in nature you see the different animals living in peace. No such a competition there. Small animals, medium, big. All living in peace. You as human think they evolved more than us. They have a happy life. Well that’s the feeling you get. So much harmony and balance in nature.

4. You gain control and comfort.

When in our daily lives we strive each day to make more money and have more comfort, in nature is all different. You find somewhere to sit down and you gain control. It’s so simple and so easy in here. You sit and live the life of nature. You feel happy instantly even though you not making money. Nature transforms you into itself. Nature in a very silent way accept you all as you are, who you are and give you all that great feeling of wholeness.

5. The power of silence.

We’re used to our noisy lives. We can’t even bear the silence in our lives. Someone is talking, loud, someone is singing, someone is feeling the void of silence. Every minute of our lives is filled within some kind of noise.

Whilst you get in nature and you feel the power of silence. You breathe. Your mind takes a break. A unusual break. It’s great, your body as whole takes a break. Your soul feel free. You rest. Or maybe is a way of communication with nature. You feel good, really good. The presence of a montain, trees, rivers, flowers. And the peace…. A silent great connection… The nature and you.

6. You connect within yourself.

Once you there in the middle of the beauty of nature a lot of things happens. You feel truly you. You connect so deeply with everything around you. It’s a great feeling of love for everything that surround you. You connect with your own soul.


Photo credit PIXABAY



22 responses to “Why We Feel Better In Nature

  1. Lovely, Seb. I was surprised to find that you pointed out some things which I had never thought of. Even though I know how much I heal outdoors i had never thought about why that is. Thanks, Karen

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