6 Ways To Cope With A Job Loss

In global economic crisis job loss has become an normal thing. Millions of people are unemployed. It hits you hard where it hurt most. It make you feel there is no pride on you anymore. Anxiety, stress, shame and self worthless seem to be your everyday feelings.

Going through a job loss can be a very tough experience. If you’re in relationship it deeply affect that too.

It’s hard and it feels you’re alone. In fact that’s not true. There’re millions out of work, most going through same feelings as you do. I am not sure if that make it any easier for you…. Maybe not.

Ways to cope when you lose your job.

1. Realize that your feelings are normal.

As human in this situation you feel angry, stressed, worried, sad, hopeless. The lights don’t light any longer. It makes it so easy to get into a deep depression. Yes it’s normal to feel this way. Having all these painful feelings though doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to make a change. You can, everyone can.

2. Accept bad situations happens to us.

Being resentful or getting angry are normal reactions, but they only make you feel worse. You need to come to terms this happened to you. Bad situations happens. Accepting the problem is important step that help us to prepare to cope with this problem as trying to find the solution.

3. Don’t make it any bigger.

Yes it’s a bad situation, but happens everyday to someone, to many others. So don’t make it any bigger as it is. You need to get yourself together. Tell yourself it wont destroy you as your stronger than this. Also remember this a time to prove your strengths.

4. Your job is to look for a new job.

When you between jobs you seem not wanting to do much and just isolate yourself from outside world. Don’t let it happen to you. Look for job. Search for a job on internet. Intensively. But don’t get obsessed with it. Just make it a everyday thing. There is jobs and new opportunities coming available each day. So keep looking. In meantime don’t get cought in negative thinking. Balance your all daily activities.

5. Take this as a time for a new path in your life.

It’s time  to shift negative emotions into positive thinking.

  • First think what you can do to create a new path in your life and be happy again. If you need some training there’re many courses that, you can take to gain some new skills and broaden the opportunities for a new beginning.
  • You have plenty times on your hands, so spend it doing things you enjoy. You can go for walk in a forest if you like to connect with nature. It’s healthy and makes you feel better. Or visit friends. Spend time with your family. ( They always love you no matter what).
  • Volunteer some time. It’s easy to find a charity and help others. You still can look for a job. Making a difference in other peoples lives means a lot to you, and puts a smile on your face. Plus you connect to other people who are in same boat as you.

5. Give yourself time.

Getting a new job might be a matter of urgency for you. But you need to give yourself time as the reality is tough and it might wont happen for while. So plan all other things we mention before. Don’t spend to much time alone. There’re million things you can do without spending any money. Get into physical activities. Keep being healthy as that is the main thing. Write a journal or a blog. Share your feelings with the world. Others will reach to you and it can be a great experience. Communication is so powerful. You need to use it now.


7 responses to “6 Ways To Cope With A Job Loss

  1. Yes this actually really helped me. I did not loose a job specifically but I am thinking about quitting and finding a new job. The stress of the decision has been looking over me for a while now so your information is comforting and informative. Thank you so much!

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