How To Overcome An Addiction

2016 has just entred in our  twentyfirst century lives. You would think living in modern days should be so close to perfection. Yeah, well you tell me what perfection is like. One in three people live with an addiction, reports say. We all know what this is. There are millions of people that suffering under an addiction, millions trying to break free of their addiction. Nowadays you can get addicted to pretty much everything. Drugs, tabaco, alcohol, sex, shopping, food, internet, and list can go on and on….

How to overcome an addiction?

There is a way to overcome your addiction. Surely is a way, but first you, me and anyone must be determined that we want to stop, we really do… If this is you then read on.

1. Admit it. It’s an addiction and it’s ruining your life. And not only yours.

Just admit it.Yes, I am an addict. It means I don’t have much control in my life. And living with an addiction is hell….

Now write down the effects of addiction in your life.

  • If you been living with an addiction for few years it has taken the toll in your physical health and left the mark in you. Your immune system has weaken and you could be expossure to heart attack and many other health issues.
  • How has it hurt you mentally? Depression, anxiety, shame and embarrasement. It feels the damage is done there too. Your inner self, kind a don’t exist.
  • How has your addiction affect people around you. Surely there is a deep effect on your relationships with your loved ones. Since then, their lives are never the same anymore.
  • Is your addiction costing you a lot of money. Don’t you think that money could improve your life and all your family’s life.

2. Why do you want to change.

  • You want to feel free again. You want to be healthy again.
  • You want to love again with your big heart. You have missed big time with your family and people you love.
  • You want to be able to do things you enjoy without your addiction controlling you. You simply want to walk your dog and feel the breeze of cold air.
  • You want to feel you again, have the confidence and pride back.
  • You simply want your life back.

3. Have a self talk, set a date.

For all the reasons you mentioned you want to quit. Take a bit of time and have the most important talk within your own self. Collect your thoughts and your strengths. Are you committed to this? Are you ready?  You absolutely are. Great. Set a date. Would be nice if you can pick a meaningful date for you.  Like your birthday, or anniversary day or a date your son graduated. It will give you some more motivation.

4. Get help and support.

As your day to quit your addiction approaches, you need to realize it’s going to be tough, but remember you have strengths and you’re so committed. You also need to realize a simple fact. You’ll need all the help and support you can get. So you wont be alone in your fight. If you need to contact a therapist or caunsellor do it on time. Your loved ones also will be there for you, but you need to be open and honest and let them help.

5. Say NO to excuses, and to your addiction voices.

There will be time when you’ll get a voice in your head telling you that, it’s ok this time, no-one will know anyway, you start after this, you need this, it’s ok. Remember IT’S NOT OK. Remember why you doing this and what did you tell yourself and the people you love before you started this process. Don’t give in, face it with your strengths. If you think no-one is watching you, I am telling you’re wrong SOMEONE is watching you.

6. Keep clear of all the triggers.

This is a must, and know it’s not easy.  The triggers are different to each addiction. If you addicted to drugs you must stay away from people who supplied you with them drugs. Spend time with your family, your children, your partner or other family members. Keep busy with physical activities.

7. It can be done. For right reasons.

It’s hard to overcome an addiction, but can be done. Remember you’re not alone in this fight. There are millions like you trying to break free and get their life back . You know why you doing it. You know you can do it. One day when it’s over you be able to live your life again. It feels like you were re-born.

If you have an addiction and don’t think this can help you, get in touch with organizations that can help and support you through out the entire process.

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