6 Ways To Deal With Social Withdrawal

Tough experiences can leave their mark in us. It’s hard to cope with them especially when you try to talk about it and no-one seems to understand. Even the closest friends and family dont get what you went through.

You begin to withdraw yourself from others. You not meeting with friends, just sitting at home with your thoughts. Are you doing it because of fear they will remind you what’s happened.

Social withdrawal is avoiding people and social activities that you usually enjoy. For some people this can progress to social isolation, you don’t want to see your close friend or family members. It become a dangerous circle, the more you spend time alone the more you want to get away from everyone. Maybe the thoughts and feelings you experiencing are too tiring and upsetting…

Traumatic events hits us hard. It’s likely you don’t feel talking about it. It hurts and hurts. You notice that you want to be alone.

Left unchecked isolation can turn into depression and  lead to other problems like getting into drugs and alcohol.

1. Acknowledge the situation, recognize the pain.

If you spending too much time alone it’s time to ask yourself why. Why are isolating yourself from your friends and family. Does it feel tough to get through the day? It can put you down, it can deeply affect your life. Acknowledge your situation and recognize the pain. You avoiding everyone is not helping. There you need to change the way you thinking. Someone will understand. One out there will feel your pain and will help.

2. You feeling lonely, but you not alone.

You need to recognize being lonely was your choice. Because you thought you’re better alone. But it didn’t work. It got worse. In fact you’re not alone. You have friends, close family. So you don’t need to go through it alone.

3. Make the next step. Connect to people.

The hurt and pain affect your life. They change the way you think. You choose to withdraw from everone. Now it’s time to think, out there are people who deeply care about you. Connect to them and talk. You’ll see things will change. Slowly. You might want to start doing some social activities that you use to enjoy. The world is not out there to get you. Change the way you think. Put some trust on your close friend or members of your family.

4. Appreciate your  friends and everything you achieved.

It’s time to express some gratitude. Appreciate your friends, family, co-workers, pets and all the good things that you have achieved in your life.

5. Interact with people, with nature.

When you alone at home dont just sit and think. Do things you enjoy, like cooking, gardening, read or listen to music. It would be great to get out and connect with nature. It does make you feel good right way. Walk through a forest. Let your feelings connect to the beauty of nature.

6. Be the real you.

Dont let pain and hurt to change you. Get out and talk to people. Ask for help. Be the real you. Enjoy life.

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