Let Go Of The Past

You didnt tell me that, I said. She looked at me and with not much emotion said: I know. But why, that’s really important why did you not tell me…. She stops and says nothing…(It’s the past).

The past seems to haunt us sometimes, many times. It has an effect on our lives, on our present lives……

There might be good memories or the bad. It happens. It holds us back. We can’t move on…..

The past is the days we lived trying to make the most of it. But we  made mistakes. Things happened. We thought we moved on and left it behind us but no, not really, it keeps jumping in our daily routine, like it’s saying I am here, your nightmare is not over…..

1. Learn to forgive.

Whatever happened, it should not haunt you, it should not control your present life. Maybe you keep holding grudges. Someone hurt you. Are you still asking why? And still not getting any answers. Oh… It still hurts, because you keep thinking of it. Even it was long time ago you keep bringing it to the present. And it don’t belong to present but to the past. It’s time to learn to forgive. Them or yourself. You need to know it’s only keeping hold of the past. It’s gone, it’s been over long ago. Forgive and  look to the future.

2. Stop the blame.

Some events can be really truamatic. Time is not always the healer. It keep repeating itself in our minds time after time. And it hurts. It don’t let you enjoy life, it keep holding you back. For some reason you put the blame on yourself. Let just say maybe it was your fault or maybe not. What good is doing all that hurt now? Is it doing anyone any good? You know the answer is NO. Then what is the point. It’s very likely everyone involved had forgoten about it. Stop the blame. You don’t get this day tomorrow. So live it today. Blame dont do you any favours. Stop the blame, let go of it.

3. Express your feelings.

Sometimes we don’t talk, thinking this is no-ones business. That’s not the case. The only person who gets hurt is you. All is there in your mind and keeps playing back everyday, only giving you some more pain. Make sure you talk to someone about it. To the one your close to. They will listen to you and give you some comfort. Talk, express it out. They will tell you to let it go. It might happen to them too… So you get know you’re not only one with that past experience.

4. Focus on positives.

If you let the past events control your life the negative thoughts will consume you. There wont be any room in your heart to be positive. Take a look and revisit the past. Focus on positives instead of all the negative thinking. Also set goals. Remind yourself who you are, and what’s happened belongs to the past. Bring some light in your life and keep moving forward… Volunteer some of your time, spend time with your friends, keep doing things that make you feel good. This is the only way.

5. Appreciate life.

Life is for living. Not for dwelling on the past. Things happens. Good, bad. We have to learn and let stuff go. Be open and honest. Talk and focus on the present. Improve and move on. Life is precious. Apreciate every minute of it. Let go of what hurts. It’s called, the past.

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