6 Ways To A Better Work Life Balance

The line between professional life and personal life was crossed once for good when technology entred our lives. The times when you left the office and returned home are over. Yes you still come home after a long day at work but is very likely  you keep doing work tasks on your smart phone. It feels you working around the clock.

Also economic crisis are not over so  employer’s keep putting pressure on employee’s, and they end up doing more and more hours each week proving that they are great team players and holding on to their jobs. Everyone knows that the work keep bills paid, food on table,  mortgage payments, holidays.

But there should be a better work life balance. It make sense as humans can’t be turned into a machines.

Here’re the ways to work life balance:

1. Give 100% when at work.

Love your job or hate it, it pays your way in life so we must work hard.  But there’re people who have accomplished great things in life by doing what they do, so their job defines who they really are and it become big part of their lives. In this case finding a work life balance become a challenge. Still you need to be able to “turn off”when not at work, as it really can be unhealthy. Give 100% to your work, be as productive as you ever can but when you done, think of yourself and your private life. There should be a line.

2. Stick to your plan.

Work is a big part of us but don’t let it take over your life. First and foremost your body and mind need a rest. Then you have to think about enjoying life. Family needs you to be there for them too. So have a plan and stick to it. Consider non-work committments as important as work committments. When you schedule time with your family be there with them body-mind.

3. Be organized.

Know where everything is at work and where everything is at home. So keep it simple and organized. Then you wont waste time. You will be more effective at work, and get things done on time. Otherwise you be more stressful when you working and getting less things done.

4. Say No to everyday favours.

There is time when your boss want a favour your friend want a favour. List can go on. And it become a norm. Don’t let it be. Do a favour  to yourself say No to everyday favours.

5. Don’t neglect your life and your relationships.

It’s a normal thing to have a busy life. Work take most of your time. After work your body need rest, so does your mind. You need to make time for everything important in your life. Work, rest, play and enjoy. Most the time there is more things you want to do. You might want to keep fit with physical activities, or you maybe trying to learn a new skill. And you know you only get 24 hours.

You need to know you can’t do everything. Some things have to come off your list. First stop neglecting your health as that is crucial. Second don’t let down your family and your relationship. So make time for them.

6. Be honest with yourself.

Having a good work life balance is hard to attain. But we must try. Be honest with yourself and keep the lines of communication open. Time by time ask yourself: am I happy with the balance I have achieved. If not, talk to people your close to. End of the day this is your life and you want to enjoy it. So do your best to get the work life balance right.



8 responses to “6 Ways To A Better Work Life Balance

  1. Seb, I love this thoughtful piece. And so topical (for me anyway). Continually having to balance and check whether you are a “good” employee vs a “good” at home person. I am continually assessing. Just when I think i have got it right, something throws it out of kilter. But i suppose just the act of considering the issue means you are mindful of it. When I have truly switched off at the weekend / holiday, I am much better the next week at my day job. Don’t you find that? Thanks again for an insightful post. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 😄

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  2. This is really apt for me Seb. I’ve just started a new job and I am determined to give it my all at work, while maintaining a good work/life balance. I am making self care and well being one of my key priorities so that it continues to be a focus. Thanks

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