5 Ways To Deal With A Relationship Break Up

For most of us our family is our world. It don’t mater where you live, how big is your house, or how beautiful or ugly it is. You worked hard to build it. It’s your castle, it’s your world. And you love every brick of it.

You were never expecting it. Your partner (your other half) turns up and without any emotions says: i am leaving you, sorry is not you is me, or I fall in love with someone else. They not even looking into your eyes…..

First you think this is a stupid joke, then you think you’re just having a bad dream……

No, it’s happening. It’s real. You see your castle crumble from it’s foundations. Your world collapsed up side down. You’re underneath in pain not even caring if you’ll survive or not.

That’s how it feels the pain of a broken heart. Broken in pieces. Experts say the hurt of emotional pain activates same path in our brain as physical pain.

So what do we do when it happens. And it happens at some point to 98% of humans in the planet.

1. Accept it. Take it all in.

Bad things happen sometimes. Look and find a solid ground and hang on there. If you have children take a look at them. They’re the solid ground for you. They need you, they really do. In them, broken you will see a shed of light. If you don’t have kids,  remember there is someone out there who loves you. So keep hanging  on, there

Take it all in. If you feel crying, cry your eyes out until there is no tears left. Crying reduce the level of stress. You’re allowed to grieve. So it’s ok to be upset.

Don’t turn to alcohol for help, or to drugs. You only make matters worse if you do.  Just let it be. Take some time out for yourself. Take the pain. We all know how tough it is.

Think, what’s happended have destroyed you but not all. You have kids, family, friends. They are still there for you. Don’t give up. No-0ne deserves that. No-one. Think about your strengths.

2. Talk it all out.

You know what, what happen to you happen to me before. Happen to everyone. We say, it happens for a reason. So talk to me, talk to your friend, talk to someone who cares about you. Let it all out.  When you share the pain it seems they take some of your pain away. So it’s good. In the beginning you still will have hopes you’ll get back together again. Forget it. No, they not coming back. Let it go, all together. Cut all the ties. Keep your eyes on people who care about you. And think about yourself. No blame, no judgement.

3. Make yourself busy.

Keep doing things for yourself, and your family. Accept this big change. Remember to eat healthy and take time to rest. Exercise is so handy. Keep running. Or walking. Keep yourself busy. You see? Life change, but carry on. Talk to friends and keep up with physical activities. Soon you will feel the breeze of life.

Also organize small trips with your family and friends. In other way start having some fun.

4. Forgive them, forgive yourself.

It will take time to heal your heart. Don’t rush to go out and find someone else, so you can get over him/her. You only be covering your feelings, you only be lying to yourself. It’s time to forgive them and yourself. You never know what’s round the corner for you. Don’t get in the look out for anyone. They will find you.

It’s a process that will take time. In meantime, keep reading books, and enjoy the company of your own self.

5. Get out and do the things you love.

This is it. You accept the change. You’re still here. You know what you love to do. Get out and do as much of them things as you can. Start enjoy life AGAIN. Be yourself, keep up with life, smile. Get out with friends, have a laugh. Talk, live your life. You have begun to build a new world. It’s different from old one, but it looks better and this time you not going to let anyone break it. You promise that to yourself, whilst keep smiling…

This is your life don’t waste it. Life is beautiful, live it to the full.

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11 responses to “5 Ways To Deal With A Relationship Break Up

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  2. Such a caring, thoughtful post, written from the perspective of having experienced the pain. I have been there too and it really has been like being in a dark tunnel. People would say to me that it was ” early days ” when I was struggling. I did not believe that I would ever feel better. Then, yesterday, I met some one I had not seen since my divorce and through speaking to her, I realised how far I had come and that I had done so well and actually was on the other side of the experience. Of course, there are bad days, and Christmas and Birthdays are hard. But I have survived and if I can, everyone else can too. And if you let friends know how you feel, they will help. I started my blog as a way of coping and I now have more love and support than I ever thought was possible.
    I send love and support to all those out that on this difficult journey.

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