7 Tips To Strengthen Your Relationship

We remember the early days, when we fall in love. When we thought this is the right one. Wow! How come these days are gone? You can’t believe it. As days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months, years start rolling. You notice your relationship is not the same anymore. What’s changed? You and me. But I still love you…. I know but… Once that ifs and buts begin to appear is time to communicate…

1. Communication is the key to strengthen your relationship.

If you look back in your relationship you’ll notice you use to spend a lot of time together. It was so exciting. Fun times. And even more fun times: so much sex.

If the feelings are still there you can start all over again. Talk to each other. Why is stress always getting in our way of having fun. What can we do to reduce that stress and enjoy spending time together. Going to places where we use to go. Going to new places. Doing things we love doing.

2. Spend more time together.

It might not feel as exciting as it use to. But it’s only you two who can make it still fun. Organize a trip somewhere. Be creative. Find something you both like. Remember you still find each other attractive so it really shouldn’t be hard work. Or just let her/him pick.  Go and enjoy yourselves. Tell one another this is what you really want in your lives.

3. Pay more attention.

As time goes by, we dont pay to much attention to what ones says, how they feel or what they want. It fetches up more arguments,  we start to depart. Even we dont want that. Hey! We might changed as all humans do but you still love each other. Give them a long close hug. Tell them you love them and you never let them go. Start paying more attention to what they have to say. Simply listen. Surely you can do that.

4. Share the tough times.

It’s hard when you lose your job or something else hit one of you. You feel don’t want talk. What you don’t realize is you’re still lucky. You still have one another. Sit and talk. That what you suppose to do isn’t it. Life is not just a bunch of fun. Share hard times together. Remember emotional support means a lot. It wont last forever. Be there for one another. Together you’ll get through it. Love is a powerful feeling. It will survive. Tomorrow brings hope and smile.

5. Focus on fixable things.

If you had an argument, move on dont come back to that point again. Try to fix what is fixable. Instead of counting negative situations, remember there’re million little thing you did for each other. Things that make you feel so greatful. Try to be gentle and thoughful again. If the anger appears get out in fresh air. It would do you good.

6. Remind yourself you’re equal partners.

Respect is another key to a strong relationship. If someone pays a compliment to you don’t become a pig head. If you think you can do better you just flying to another planet. Remember why are you together. Because of love. Oh,  you just landed. Yes, because of love. Give them respect. And more love. Things will improve.

7. Show appreciation.

Do you still feel lucky to have one another. Then everyday show some appreciation to each other. Feeling wanted and worthy means a lot to us as humans.  And don’t cost much, but make a whole difference in a relationship.

Oh and dont just say: I love you. Prove it. Yes actions speak louder than words.

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