5 Tips To Make Close Friends

A good friend is important in life. You meet up after you had a bad day and share your thoughts. They are always there for you. You can open your heart and tell them how everything feels. They will hug you. They make you feel better.

Not only that.  Friends have a great impact on your happiness. It’s scientifically proven good friends improve the quality of your life and have affect in physical health too. Friendship relieves stress, prevent the lonelyness and isolation, provide comfort and joy. It strengthen your health.

Most the time people seem to think more about the relationships they have. That’s normal. But still  they don’t find full satisfaction and a fulfilled life. So they turn to friends. Studies have shown good friends are more important sometimes than family relationships. There is a great connection between friends, a deep understanding and so much trust. Studies also show the lack of friendship can have a negative affect in your physical health, as much as smoking has or heavy drinking.

There many reasons why:

  • A good friendship lessen the level of stress and depression. First thing to come in your mind if you feel stressed is your friends.
  • In good friends you confess. You open your heart and let out everything.
  • They help you reach your dreams. A good friend give you so much support and encouragement towards your goals. It is what we need.
  • Good friends change your mood instantly. They bring the positivity on you.
  • A close friendship enhance your self worth.
  • They help you get through tough times. Friendship is two way street. Being there for your friend give some purpose to your life.

But friendship doesn’t just happen. You tend to be friends with people who we see frequently. With people we go to college, university, people who work with or people who live close to where we live. Another thing that make a friendship more likely to happen is common interests.

To be friends with someone you need that good connection, understanding each other, trust and communication. One that you feel comfortable with, one that shows interests on how you feeling. They listen to you without interrupting, they accept you for who you are and don’t judge you. They just be there for you, as you always be there for them.

How to make close friends:

If you’re shy person is hard to make friends.

1. Concentrate on others not yourself.

To connect with other people first you must focus on them. You need to show interests on their experiences, feelings, opinions, stories, thoughts. Show you care, they will like you.

2. Be genuine.

Most people can easy spot fake shows. So be genuine. Don’t pretend. Only show interest if you like the person. Being real helps create deep connections.

3. Show full attention.

Listen to someone whos speaking until they finish. Pay full attention to details of the story. Ask questions. Remember little things they said before. Then you can get to know them better and build bridges with them.

4. Don’t try to impress.

If you attending an event like a friends party just try to enjoy and be truly you. No need to impress. Talk to people, but listen more than you talk.

5. Voluntary.

Now days when people are getting more addicted to technology is hard to meet people and make friends. You can make hunderds of friends on social media, but they wont be there when you need them. So I am talking about real friends. This got harder now. One way is to voluntary your time to charities. First by helping other people you’ll feel better. Then you make other people feel good.  This is a easy way to build great connections with people and make close friends. People can see that you care, they trust you. They want to be your friend.

How to improve friendship:

  • Be that friend you would like to have.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Don’t set rules.
  • Give them the space they need.

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12 responses to “5 Tips To Make Close Friends

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      • no worrys, thanks, hopefully I will find a true friend, even if it is 10 years later, could you also do a blog which is a few ways to make you feel happy after a break up/divorce, obviously its not for me since, well, yeah my friends bully me, but for anyone who is having a break up or divorce, it is horrible to see someone cry about breaking up because their friend may be cheating on them, it would be nice to see one of those blogs on your blogsite, I know no one else who could do a blog like this except for you 🙂

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  2. This is one of the best advice I have heard especially because I have friends but not good friends not one that will ever be there for me but i ll ne there for them, so this is definetly going to help me chose who I want to be close/good friends with.

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