Stepping In The Unknown

Let him speak, be patient don’t interrupt. How do you know what he’s going to say. What he’s going to say is unknown until he says it….

Looking from the top of a mountain we clearly could see a big dark forest. The fear gets into you. How would be like stepping in to that dark dangerous forest. The fear of unknown….

The unknown is always a mystery. My  thoughts took me many times into the unknown. The emotions of fear mix with emotions of excitement. What it’s going to happen? This question repeats itself millions of times. The answer is: Unknown. For sure different. All different.

Most of us get used to our daily routine. We get stuck there and whatever we do is what we call our comfort zone. We either do things we once liked or things that suits people around us. You need to throw yourself into the unknown one day. You will discover many things….

1. Step into the unknown.

You not missing anything if you don’t know what you missing. You missing the unknown. Throw yourself into the unknown. You will discover a new world.

Maybe you still don’t get me what I am on about. If you travel to different country that you never been before you stepping into unknown. It could be very exciting experience. Something that you wish you discovered years ago.

You hung up to your job thinking you’re so lucky you have one. What would happen if you lose that job. It’s a scary unknown isn’t it. Until happens. Then maybe you need to move to a big city. You find a new job. It get’s exciting. You dicover a new world that you been missing. But that’s not all. Mostly what you bring up to light is your true self. By stepping into unknown you discover yourself being truly happy.

Sometimes you have to escape that reality your into in order to discover who you really are and what you really want. Explore the new world, by exploring your true self.

2. Chase the unknown.

Is not always scary. Once you find out there is many new things to do you live a excited life. It’s likely you be chasing the unknown. You see? That dark forest is not as dangerous as it looked, is full of  surprises. One said, once I throw myself into unknown, I keep doing it all the time. I just found myself as whole me.

3. You overcome fear.

Unknown is uncertainity. Until you throw yourself into. The question: what would happen, disappears. You find your strengths and overcome all your fears. You feel so passionate about it. You can achieve anything once you believe in yourself and overcome your fears. Go for it.

4. You’ll touch the freedom of skies.

We try to live by rules. In our comfort zone. We feel there is two choices to make. First live within yourself in that comfort zone. Or break it into unknown. But we fear. Why? Is all about acceptance. If you fully accept yourself you can achieve great things. Once you do not try to be always right. Once you let go of correctness. You feel free. Acceptance is the key to be free. To truly feel the senses of freedom of skies.

5.  Let your heart lead your life.

We know most the time we take decisions based on facts that our brain tells us to be right. Follow your heart, instead. Great people became great by following their passions and their hearts. We talking about being a truly happy human being. Don’t be disappointed if you fail. Get yourself together and throw yourself into unknown. You never know until you get into. Then unknown become your true self.

Photo Credit Pixabay


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