6 Ways To Concentrate On Your Goals

It easy for everyone to set some goals in life, then work on a action plan trying to achieve them. Exactly easy to set goals but not quite easy to attain these goals. So why is that? A short time ago  I received a comment in one of my posts. The guy asked: How do I maintain concentration to  accomplish my goals because I keep abandoning them. I hope he/she and many others find that answer in this post.

1. Don’t set to many goals at a time.

If you constantly find trouble concentrating in your goals, think how many goals have you set. If you set too many goals then of course you going to find it hard to focus. Take a moment and decide which are the three most important goals. For me them three goals would be: Working hard in my blog and try to reach out to more people, living a healthy life, spending more quality time with my family.

Setting few important goals means you don’t have to spread yourself too thin. You know your main goals and you divide your time to achive all them goals.

2. Set realistic goals.

There is a time in our lives when we see ourselves as not able to reach where our aim is. Ask yourself this questions: Why  did you set this goal? Has anyone before you accomplished a goal like this? If the answers are yes then you need to focus and work hard. Setting unrealistic goals is unhealthy because no matter how hard you work at the end failure is the result. And it hurts. Think before you set your goals.

3. Make a plan and stick to it.

Some goals will take more time to accomplish than others, so having a plan really help focus. Also if you know you get distracted while you working on them goals maybe create milestones. Break the big goal in few small goals. Then working on each of them will take less time and you wont get discouraged.

Also your plan must have a day to day things to-do. Follow your daily routine and don’t let little things get in your way.

3. Measure your results.

You need to track your results daily or weekly. It will help you stay focused on the goal also will tell you if you’re on the track or off the track. By measuring the results you’ll see if your actions are making a difference each day or each week. It make you feel connected to your goal.

4. Reach out to others.

There are other people whom set same goals as you. Connect with them. It make you feel motivated. To me they are other fellow bloggers trying to make their blog a success. Sharing stories is nice thing and would help you stay focused. It reminds you that to attain a goal is not easy in real life, but on other hand nothing is impossible until proven so.

5. Knowing when to say: NO

In everyday life you get distractions, is normal. What is crucial for you to stay focused on what really matters to you is knowing sometimes you have to say No. I mean is ok one day or sometimes to do something else. But you can’t put your life on hold forever. You need to work constantly in your dreams.

6. Remind yourself why you pursuing this goal.

Before you set your goals you ask yourself why exactly you set them goals.  It take us to our purpose in life. So everytime you feel down and get negative thoughts remind yourself why you pursuing these goals and how much they mean to you.

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