6 Simple Ways To Change Someone’s Life

People too often think they can’t afford to help someone else. I know life is a struggle for many of us. But hey can you afford to smile at someone?  It doesn’t hurt you at all and the person who gets your smile will be happy for the day. Can you say to somebody that is feeling down: hey you can do it, I know you can. I failed just like you but here I am. I did it, you can too. You’re good enough……

Believe me, you’ll make a difference. We tend to be so hung up after material things, that we forget giving is not just about money or physical stuff. You don’t have to be a millionare to change someone’s life. Not at all.

1. Show you care.

Where I live not many people speak to me. This is mainly because I keep myself to myself. But one nice day I was sitting in front garden and a neighbour said hello to me. I said hello back. Then we started speaking.  When one say: are you ok? It shows they care. It make you feel better. It makes your day a little brighter.

2. Smile.

Smile and the world smiles at you. This is a saying, and it’s true. A genuine smile changes the way you feel. It make you feel worthy. Happy. And is very likely you going to give a smile at someone else. What a great thing if that smile would travel around in circles from you to another, to another and to another and to millions more. See? Just a smile can change the world.

3. Be genuine.

I don’t like fake people. Even them who pay a compliment to you and don’t mean it. Be genuine. If you feel she/he is looking great say it. Otherwise don’t. Be real. Remember you don’t have to do anything unless your heart tells you to…

4. Help others when you’re not asked to.

Most people would help someone if they were asked to. But doing a little for others when they didn’t ask is great surprise. Giving didn’t make anybody poor says Anne Frank. A great saying. With a true meaning.

Give when you can, as much  as you can and don’t expect anything back. Saying it differently, don’t ask for reward.

5. Believe in someone’s dream.

Have faith on others. Believe in one’s dream. Anyone with passion and determination can achieve the wildest dream. Anyone. Believing in them, having faith in them will make a differece on their lives. It’s like a star just raised to shine their way of life. It will make them think they are good enough, just like everone else in this planet.

6. Give attention, time, knowledge.

If you have everything you want in life, share the love. If you struggling to survive still share the love. Give attention to one in need. Give a bit of your time to some who need your help. Share your knowledge.

Don’t hold grudges. Forgive and move one. Don’t waste your energies. Give somebody a second chance. Give love and care. Make a difference in someone’s life today not next month or next year.

In simple things is the beauty of life.Improve one’s life and you’ll make a difference in your life too. Evertime you help someone else you shed some light and some happiness in this cloudy and crazy world.

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    Simple wisdom. As Solomon said to cast your bread upon the water and after many days it will come back to you and the Apostle Paul said what you plant you will reap so this writer offers tips for planting seeds of friendship.

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