How To Deal With Annoying People

Unfortunatelly we have to deal with people that we call annoying. They might be complainers, or gossipers or some jerks who just get under your skin. But that is the real life. In real life you have to deal with different things and with different people in daily basis. Mostly this might come boiling down to negative people. They just people. One of them can be your friend or mine. They have some negativity in them that puts you down and you wish you didn’t had to deal with them.

1. What annoys you?

Yeah, take notice what exactly annoys you? Is the people or their behaviours? It’s not nice hearing constant complains or endless gossiping. You feel like: why can they just get on with their lives. That would been a good start. Most we find irritating their behaviours because we practise positive thinking.

2. Why is happening?

You know is not you attracting them annoying people. But why is happening?  We are what we think! We create what we are. I mean sometimes we complain. Maybe we can be annying too. So just don’t take to much notice. Be yourself. Don’t let them affect your positivity in life.

3. Choose silence, not resitance.

Remember the path of least resitance is non resistance, and silence is not weakness. Ask yourself a question: do I really need to stand up for myself? That take alot of your energy and most the time is not worth it. Maybe just let go of situation.

4. Instead of fighting find some common ground.

Sometimes annoying people can be a co-worker, which means we have to deal with them daily. In that case consider peace, not arguing. See if there is any common interests that you both can have reasonable conversation. Just find some common ground. There must be a topic you both like to talk about. It would make life easier.

5. Be tolerant.

Annoying people can ruin your day  is a day you never get back in your life. Choose tolerance instead of confrontation. Is a way to avoid them getting in to you. Also by not paying to much attention to them might make them think more next time about their behaviours or actions. By not getting involved or just letting it go you manage the situation without stressing out. Don’t let them ruin your day.

6. Be open minded.

When these situations occur think what really matters, having the last word or keeping the peace and enjoying your day. Also is about having a healthy and happy life. Positive thinking goes a long way, so choose your reaction whilst you value yourself. Let it go.

7. Rest and balance your energies.

If you find yourself in a middle of people who annoy you try to get away from them. If for some reason you can’t just take some deep breaths. Relax. And keep quiet. Most the time this is appropriate way to deal with this kind of people. They don’t deserve your attention, or your energy. But if you have to stand up for yourself then please do. Calmly, firmly and surely. It is at times a right way to teach them a lesson.

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