5 Ways To Improve Emotional Health

Mind-Body connection.

Stress affects our lives in different ways. And not only stress. All emotions we go through daily affect our body. Is the way that body respond to emotional health. Most people with good emotional health have developed their ways of coping with stress and whatever life throws at them.

Even so there are moments that overwhelm the emotional health:

  • Dealing with a death of a loved one.
  • Losing your job.
  • Having a child leaving or returning home.
  • Going through money issues.
  • Getting married or divorced.
  • Getting promoted.
  • Etc.

Yes “good” changes can affect your health as much as “bad” changes. How? If you getting married for example the level of stress rises to a great amount.

How emotions can affect your body?

That is called body-mind connection. If you feel stressed you will have it all over your face. If you feel upset you’ll show it. Is the resopnse of your body to the way you think, feel and act. The cause  affect your mind. Your mind affect your body. Going through stressful times make you feel so tired, headache, sleepless nights, lack of appetite, high blood pressure, chest pain and other physical health problems. Experiencing stress trauma anxiety, upseting also can get you into to alcohol and drug abuse.

At this case you need to see your doctor and be open and tell him/her about emotional health as the phycical ones. Ones you might get the medication or pain killers for your body, your doctor will address your emotional health  issue too.

How to enhance the emotional health?

1. Don’t hide your feelings, express them in right way.

Poor emotional health weaken our body immune system making you more exposure to cold, flu, or different infecions. First you should recognize the cause of stress or saddness. Then trying to hide them feelings inside you will hurt more and make the physical issues worse, so make sure you express your feelings in an appropriate way. First consider talking to someone your close too. Just talking in itself make you feel better. If that not enogh ask for professional help sooner.

2. Create a work-life balance.

Many times the work affect our private lives. Working long hours, missing out on family life, or letting work issuse getting in your personal life can be too much at times. Deal with negative thoughts. Handle the tough situations with a positive outlook in life. Make more time for fun activities and the things you enjoy most. Let go of the things that give you more stress than joy and just improve the quality of your life.

3. Grow resilience.

People that develop the resilience can cope better with stress and negative thoughts. Resilience can be learned and developed by being positive about life, accepting situations, and moving forward.

4. Use mind-body relaxations.

Learn to meditate. Practising meditation can help relax your mind and body. There’re different forms of meditation and all help to a better emotional health.

5. Look after yourself.

Use common sense. Aim for healthy food, have a good night sleep, exercise, don’t abuse with drugs and alcohol.

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