How To Get To Know Yourself Better

One might say what are you talking about. Of course I know myself. Yes, I think so too. But do we really?  Have you gone through time when you want to make a decision and you hear two voices in your head, the inner critical voice shouting at you and the inner wisdom voice wispering at you. Then you feel the dilemma. The most powerful method to get to know yourself is through journaling. Sit yourself down, and open your note book. Before you start, relax your mind.

Journaling has no rules. Don’t matter if you make mistakes or not. You writing about yourself for yourself and no-one else. So just put your feelings down. It doesn’t have to be perfect because life is far from petfect.

What to write about?

1. Write about something you don’t want to write about.

It seems you want to keep some feelings under surface. You don’t want to talk about it. You don’t want to write about it. It could be a fight with your brother. A fall out with a friend. Or might you see you relationship falling apart and you don’t feel talking about.

But this is a self-confession, let yourself open. Being honest with yourself. That is the goal. Being honest and vulnerable. Once you finish you can rip it up if you want. Writing about the most difficult thing you don’t want to write  about would take you right to the heart of the issue you need to work out.

2. Ask yourself: who am I?

Take another ten minutes and answer this question. Just in simple and plain words, who are you? Also look back at age ten, twenty, thirty. How you see yourself then. What’s changed. How them years has transformed you. Then talk to your inner you that always been there guiding you through hard times and good times.

3. What makes you, genuinly you?

What you love in your life? What makes you truly happy?  Still take a bit of time to figure out what brings a big smile in your face. List them out. From holidays to little things that make your routine day and bring joy in your life.

4. What are your  top qualities?

You can do many things. You have many qualities. But what are your top qualities. I am me. I am healthy, creative, energitic, full of joy, stylish, intelligent, powerful, positive, passionate, outgoing. I have a big heart. In everything I do I put a bit of me.

5. Take a trip in to the future and meet up with your old you.

Just pretend to have a conversation with ninty year old healthy you. What would you want to ask yourself. Have you grown wiser. What experiences you want to know. Have you got any worries. What you want to do in coming days, weeks, years.

Your journal is for you. Is just you in a nutshell. You as you best can describe your feelings and thoughts. Is  you, the bad and the good, the beatiful and the ugly.

Each time you give yourself to the blank page you just get closer within yourself. This is most powerful way to communicate with yourself to get to know yourself better.

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