9 Things To Feel Good About Yourself

We all have good days and bad days. Somedays you feel truly good about yourself, some others you don’t like the person you see in the mirror. Feeling good about yourself means accepting and loving the person you are. But it seem to be a battle with ourselves. Maybe that’s because of our weakness, or maybe because we always trying to improve ourself and be a better you. Dealing with negative thoughts and emotions also affects how we feel about ourself. Every day is a new day, everyday is another chance to enjoy and improve the way you feel about yourself.

1. Embrace your imperfections.

The way we look does affect the way we feel. The truth is the look is given. We cant change that. What you can do is accept yourself for yourself. No-one is perfect. If you compare yourself with others you always be a looser. Because there is always someone smarter than you, taller than you, stronger than you, prettier than you. So why compare? Good thing is that, no-one is you. You are unique because you are you. So  accept that and feel good about yourself. Keep a high personal hygiene, dress smart, smell nice. Feel great.

2. Deal with negative thoughts.

Life is good, whatever you doing, whatever your routine is. If you get negative thoughts, that’s completley normal. Deal with them. Face them with positive thinking. You’re doing great. If you going through tough times, remember that is only temporary. Things will change. Keep smiling!

3. Practise gratitude.

When you having a bad day tell yourself that, you have values, you have strengths and that’s why you are here. There are many things you have achieved. List them. Be greatful.

4. Address your fears.

It’s normal to have fears sometimes. Things not always go to plans. Address your fears, where they coming from?  Overcome your fears make you feel stronger and better about yourself. Also make you realize you need to face them and get through it. In the end of the day you’ll have a big smile in your face.

5. Failure is part of life.

Failure make everyone feel down when it happens. And it happens to everyone no matter how successful they are. It should make you aware it’s only a part of life. Today you fail, dont feel down. Try to find a humour side in that failure. Smile. It’s only a step. You change what you think need to change and you start all over again. Fresh stronger, determined.

6. Learn and improve.

Grab the time and learn everyday. Knowledge is power.  It creates a deeper  understanding about yourself and everything else around you. It makes you feel great and serves you good each day. Read books, travel, grow, improve. You know the person you want to be. Everyday take anothet step towards it.

7. Laugh everyday.

Find something funny even when you not having a good day. Laugh at yourself. Laugh more everyday. Be friends with life. Don’t be harsh with yourself. After all we are humans.

8. Connect with love.

Love is food for your heart and soul. To feel genuinely happy you have to connect with love. People around you love you sooooooo very much. Sometimes it’s all what you need.

9. Keep going with a smile in your face.

Don’t let bumps throw you off the tracks. Don’t let obstacles get in your way. You know who you are and who you want to be. Sometimes take a break. You have the passion but you need the energy. Keep going. Feel good. You are doing great.

Oh and bear in your mind whatever life throws at you, keep smiling and feel good. Tomorrow when you wake up is another day to enjoy and improve.

Photo credit Pixabay

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