5 Ways To Overcome Greed

I went into town to meet my friend for a coffee. At the coffee shop I notice a change. They put more tables and chairs, so they can sit more people down. You might say that’s ok. First it looked all messy. But that’s not a problem. My point is: you can’t sit comfortably enough relax and enjoy your drink with your partner, friend or in your own, because a stranger is sitting so close to your arse. Oh well. It tells you what you need to know, they don’t give a monkey about that. What they care is that: more money. You see the greed, you can’t miss it.


I pop in to the phone shop so can find out for my update and the new contract. The shop clerk tells me politely it would be the double of what I am paying now. I didn’t need to ask why. The greed was there just in front staring at me cold and hungry…,,,

Bankers doing all the tricks and getting involved in illegal activities to earn billions. Funny thing is no-one goes to jail. If it was you, me or a random citizen would get years for that. But not bankers. See the law don’t seem to apply the same….

The greed is out there. Ready to destroy the world, ready to destroy relationships between families, ready to destroy humanity.

No-one can stop the greed. No-one is doing anything about it.

The honest truth is harsh, when to  have a happy life money is not everything. Whilst the greed is the worst addiction ever, you think what can I do to help make the world realize that: we need to cure this addiction before it destroys what’s left of humanity.

You might feel too small to do that on your own  but together we’re stronger and maybe we can do something about it.

1. Share with others.

It might sound stupid to do so, but I disagree. Have you got a lot of money. Get out and share it with poor. You don’t have to go to Africa just get to neighbourhood. There people in need for food, clothes. Everywhere. Share if you agree that, the greed is destroying people, is destroying lives.

2. Don’t let money control your life.

I wish we didn’t had to fight for money. I think if the money didn’t exist the world would be a much better place. Don’t let the money control your life. Have more fun, today. Forget about money. And laugh more. Play more. Love more. Have a moment of peace with yourself.


3. Follow your passion not your money.

I know we all have to work hard for our money. The point is don’t just do something because of the money. Follow your passion, and earn your living. Learn everyday, laugh everyday, love everyday. You wont need any money when you gone.

4. Cut off  more  ” wants”

I want this and this and this and this. Why? If you want a car like one your next door neighbour has would it make you happier. The answer would be no, that only would make you to want MORE. Live a simple and nice lifestyle. Spend time with people you love, work less, enjoy more. Do more of free little things. Smile.

5. Get out and enjoy your life.

My dad was an example of sharing. Whenever he had something he wanted to share with strangers. He enjoyed it more. Lesson learned. Let just get out and enjoy life. Fresh air is free.  Take deep breaths. And take a look at blue sky. Be happy. Greed is not your name.

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5 responses to “5 Ways To Overcome Greed

  1. A greed I’m tired of experiencing is people wanting people as pets. Most of the experiences I have with that is with adults, but I know it’s more common with kids. How does a person stop a person, without killing them, from being greedy this way? I know it’s narcissism, but it’s, to me ,a way of saying greed. How is it stopped..the same way?


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